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UX Practitioner certification

Course Description

The UX Practitioner certification program is designed to equip participants with essential problem-solving techniques for diverse design challenges. We believe this is essential in today’s complex business and technology environment. With this UX certification, you will learn Human Centered Design methodology in an accelerated, hands-on learning environment. We will completely guide you to rapid skill acquisition with real-world application and rigorous learning. Our UX certification program is unique. It includes a 1-year supported experience with ongoing mentoring and skill acquisition check-ins from Master Trainer Frank Spillers.

Participants will gain proficiency in core UX disciplines, from problem definition and ethnography to interaction design, user testing, stakeholder collaboration, and portfolio development.

UX Certification Highlights:

  1. Human-Centered Problem Solving: Gain a solid foundation in problem-solving techniques applicable to any design context: Mobile, Web applications, AI and more. Explore the principles of Human-Centered Design and understand how user needs drive design decisions. Learn how to frame design problems aligned with business objectives.

  2. Rapid Ethnography and Field Studies: Master the art of conducting field studies for in-depth user insights. Create journey maps and role-based personas through rapid ethnography techniques. Learn to navigate the nuances of participant recruitment, interview moderation, data capture, and persona creation.

  3. Interaction Design excellence: Translate user needs into impactful design solutions. Develop proficiency in crafting intuitive and user-centered interfaces that resonate with target users. Understand the principles of interaction design and their role in enhancing usability.

  4. Expert User Testing: Learn how to plan, recruit, and expertly moderate usability tests. Understand the nuances of user testing methodologies and tools. Gain insights into analyzing user feedback and iterating design solutions based on usability insights.

In addition, we will cover:

  1. Stakeholder Collaboration and Organizational UX Maturity: Collaborate effectively with stakeholders through workshops and engagement methods. Explore strategies for elevating organizational UX maturity, fostering cross-functional alignment, and advocating for user-centered design approaches.

  2. Mentored Portfolio Projects: Engage in three mentored portfolio projects that encapsulate the core aspects of the User Experience process. From research to design and testing, participants will gain hands-on experience in solving real-world design challenges.

  3. Comprehensive User Interface Design: Develop the skills to create user interfaces that are results-oriented and highly usable. Learn to balance aesthetics with functionality, creating designs that resonate with users while achieving business objectives.

  4. Field Studies and Usability Testing Mastery: Acquire expertise in planning, organizing, and executing field studies and usability tests. From user needs analysis to interface feedback, participants will master all aspects of ‘rapid ethnography’, including participant recruitment, interview moderation, data analysis, persona creation, interaction design specification, and reporting.

Program Structure: The program combines interactive lectures, immersive workshops, group discussions, and practical projects. Participants will engage in simulations of real-world design scenarios and receive ongoing mentorship to ensure continuous learning and skill development.

  1. Problem definition and Framing: working with busines objectives.
  2. Rapid Ethnography: how to conduct field studies (Journey Maps and Personas).
  3. Interaction Design- translating user needs into appropriate design solutions.
  4. Rapid User Testing- how to plan, recruit, moderate usability tests expertly.
  5. Working with Stakeholders: workshops and organizational UX maturity methods.
  6. 3 mentored portfolio projects.
Learning Objectives

Upon completing this one-year certification program, participants will possess the expertise to conduct the entire User Experience process, from research to design and testing. Graduates will be equipped to create impactful user interfaces, confidently conduct field studies and usability tests, and advocate for user-centered design within their organizations.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Conduct all core aspects of the User Experience process, from research to design and testing.
  2. Design results-oriented User Interfaces with a high degree of usability.
  3. Expertly plan, organize, and execute: Field Studies and Usability Tests for user needs analysis and interface feedback. This includes all aspects of ‘rapid ethnography’ from recruiting to moderating interviews, capturing data, creating personas, specifying Interaction Design, reporting on field studies, and usability tests.

Essential Details
  • Certification  total $2900 includes one-year UX Inner Circle membership ($1,200 value) and Exam fee ($450 value).
  • 60  hours (over 15 days- can be split over 1-2 months) + 1-year mentored Portfolio projects.
  • Up to 10 people online or in person.

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Lead Trainer: The program will be led by Frank Spillers, a distinguished Master Trainer with extensive experience in UX Design, User Research, and Service Design. Frank’s mentorship and guidance will provide participants with invaluable insights into mastering the art of human-centered design. You will get 1:1 personalized coaching, hands-on learning, and practical applied activities to demonstrate new skill learning.

Who Should Take This Course

This certification program is tailored for UX designers, researchers, product managers, and professionals seeking to elevate their skills in Human Centered Design. Whether you’re new to UX or seeking to refine your existing techniques, this program provides an intensive and comprehensive learning journey.

This course is for anyone UX team member who wants to learn Human Centered Design with a structured certification program.

  • UX teams
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers


A basic understanding of design principles and user experience concepts is recommended. No prior UX experience is required.



What our Students Say

It was an enlightening experience to learn from this course. I discovered so many practical approaches that will be very useful for me. Thank you, Frank!
Adriane K, UX Designer
This certification program was such an eye-opener for me. I have been working on the UI side for many years but never understood the full HCD process, let alone how to perform each step perfectly. One of the best investments in my career so far.
Devon M, Developer
This course is packed with value. Worth the time and effort. You will learn more about a series of important topics like Field Studies, the ROI (Return on Investment), HCD (Humen-Centered Design), and UX maturity. You will discover what factors stunt UX strategy and organizational development. You will encounter dozens of case studies from large enterprise organizations to start-ups, with tangible lessons you can apply to your Design, Product, and Development process alignment. I recommend this program not only to UX professionals but also to Product Owners or those who want to better position their company within the market by
focusing on UX work.
Nina P, UX/UI Designer

About Your Trainer

Frank Spillers

CEO and Master UX Trainer @ Experience Dynamics

Frank Spillers is the founder of Experience Dynamics, a leading UX consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients around the world. For 25 years, Frank has been an internationally respected speaker, author, UX Leader, and Inclusive Design educator. He is a world expert in improving the design and user experience of products, experiences, and services. He leads consulting projects at Experience Dynamics as well as teaching monthly at his UX Inner Circle and with the Interaction Design Foundation, the largest design school. 

Frank Spillers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course online only?
For individuals this is an online program. For teams it is hybrid online and in-person.
Can I pay for the program in installments?
Yes, you can pay 50% at start and 50% upon completion.
Is the certificate industry recognized?
Yes, you will receive a web-shareable industry recognized certificate.

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