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Impact Consulting

By centering the needs of underrepresented user groups and elevating Inclusive Design in organisations, Experience Dynamics helps bring equity and empowerment to user experience, digital transformation and more. Impact Consulting plays a pivotal role in transforming nonprofit and public sector digital projects through UX and Service design. 

Impact Consulting enhances accessibility and usability, making technology more inclusive and effective for diverse communities. With 22 years experience we understand the unique challenges and goals of nonprofit and public sector initiatives. 

Check out our social impact work with websites, apps and  services for non-profits and Public Sector client case studies below. Project in mind? Get in touch for a friendly chat.

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Empowering Global Disability Advocacy for Women
Centering disability rights worldwide
Amplifying audience engagement through Inclusive Design
Enabling a boost in skills in class, wins best in class
Elevating equitable information access through empirical insights
Enhancing Engagement and User Experience for GPE
Clearing up childcare just in time
Improving accessibility for a nonprofit’s new platform
Service Design makes sustainable mobility a reality

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