Enhancing Engagement and User Experience for GPE

Empowering Girls Education in the Global South

The Story

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is a renowned UN organization working towards promoting education for girls in the Global South. GPE’s website is pivotal in disseminating crucial information to various stakeholders, including funding bodies, civil society organizations, governments, international organizations, and academia. Despite its rich content, the website was facing challenges in engaging its diverse audience and communicating its mission effectively.

GPE’s mission is critical, especially in Subharan Africa. The stats don’t lie,:

  • Nearly 1 in 3 adolescent girls from the poorest households worldwide has never set foot in a classroom.
  • Children in fragile, conflict-affected countries are 2X more likely to be out of school compared with those in countries not affected by conflict; Similarly, adolescents are  2/3 more likely to be out of school.

The Challenge​

GPE’s website analysis revealed several challenges. Firstly, the majority of visitors were new, and there was a significant number of returning Francophone users. To cater to both groups, providing “First Time Visitor” information and making the website more French-friendly was essential. Donors comprised around 5% of visitors, prompting the need for a dedicated content section that clearly conveyed funding details and served as a resource for curious visitors.

Civil society organizations, government entities, international organizations, private sectors, and academia formed the primary visitor categories. Among them, students and researchers constituted a significant portion. However, content tailored to these segments was lacking. Additionally, content related to Facts and Stats garnered substantial comment sharing, indicating a strong interest in this area.

The Strategy

Method Used: Heuristic Evaluation

  • Facts and Stats Revamp: The website focused on presenting Facts and Stats in diverse formats, including charts, tables, Top 10 lists, Did you Know?, and quizzes. Additionally, visually appealing images, infographics, and easy to digest presentations were made available for users to repurpose.
  • Enhanced Filtering and Search: A robust and easily searchable filtering system for Facts and Stats was implemented. Common queries like “Who we Fund,” “How Funding is Used,” and mission snippets were made readily accessible.
  • Content Cross-Linking: The website established effective cross-links between content pages, facilitating user navigation and optimizing SEO.
  • Engaging Storytelling: For English speakers, immersive storytelling through 360-degree experiences and video updates was introduced. French speakers were provided with relevant Francophone content, such as expert insights on funding and funding resources.
  • Clear Communication of Mission: The confusion surrounding GPE’s mission and goals was addressed. Key information was integrated into the footer and prominent pages through mission-inspired mini-infographics.
  • User Satisfaction Improvement: The website’s rich design and features were reevaluated to pinpoint areas of user dissatisfaction. Usability testing would later provide insights into enhancing the Information Architecture, leading to improved satisfaction scores.

The Turning Point​

The turning point in GPE’s website strategy came through a heuristic evaluation. Experience Dynamics team identified critical content areas that needed improvement by examining user data and preferences. This evaluation led to a holistic transformation of the content strategy to enhance engagement and user experience.

The Execution

The revamped content strategy yielded impressive results. Audience engagement significantly increased across the board. By addressing the specific needs of different user groups, GPE witnessed improved engagement metrics. More use of easy to understand facts and stats and more emotional value around key messaging helped GPE elevate their communication game.

The Result

GPE’s journey towards a more engaging and user-friendly website was a resounding success. GPE identified and addressed the specific needs of its diverse audience segments through Experience Dynamics expert review and design recommendations. By focusing on critical content areas, providing various content formats, enhancing search capabilities, and ensuring clear communication of its mission, GPE witnessed higher audience engagement and improved user satisfaction. This case study underscores the significance of tailoring content strategies to meet the distinct requirements of various user groups while maintaining a seamless and intuitive user experience.

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