Expert Reviews

Gain rapid insight into potential opportunities and problem areas.

Usability answers the question, “Can the user accomplish their goal?”

– Joyce Lee, Human Factors Design at Apple


Expert reviews, also called Heuristic evaluations, give you a usability expert view of your design. Experience Dynamics expert reviews combine a depth of expertise in heuristics (usability rules of thumb), user advocacy (gained from observing users for many years), and an in depth review of your business objectives.


An Expert Design Review is an evaluation of design conducted by an experienced usability expert that adds valuable insights. This assessment encompasses a thorough examination of designs, benchmarking them against recognized interface challenges. Additionally, this review highlights potential opportunities for enhancement and provides actionable recommendations. This iterative enhances the overall user experience, identifying areas for refinement and optimization.

Our Expert Review Service utilizes both expertise and design, ensuring that products delight users on multifaceted levels. Experienced professionals carefully examine designs against an array of usability parameters. This not only detects existing issues but also identifies areas potential issue for refinement. Through a collaborative process of analysis and recommendation, designs are improved and refined excel in user interaction and satisfaction.

Additionally, we can provide a UX Maturity Audit, delving deeper into the overall user experience strategy of your organization. This audit provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current UX practices, identifying strengths and areas for growth. By assessing the alignment of your practices with industry standards, you will gain offer insights and recommendations to elevate your UX approach. This inclusive perspective further ensures that your design and user experience strategies are seamlessly integrated, fostering the creation of products that are not only visually appealing but also functionally intuitive and user-centric.

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  • Obtain in-depth insights from an expert review, providing a thorough analysis of your design.
  • Identify and tackle errors, confusion, and issues at an early development phase.
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit to gauge your design’s alignment with UX best practices.
  • Benefit from actionable design recommendations aimed at enhancing the user experience.

Methods we use:

Heuristic evaluation. Cognitive walkthrough. Competitive Reviews (Benchmarking). 

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A comprehensive Expert Review report with design recommendations. 

Heuristic evaluations can help find problems and generate ideas and opportunities. When viewed through a user’s eyes, expert reviews provide insights into weak areas of your visual design

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