Backstage to Front Stage

What This Includes:

  • Blueprint for Service Design strategy
  • Service prototyping & testing
  • Employee, Customer, Backend system orchestration

Ideal For:

  • Large Organizations
  • Government Projects
  • Sustainability or Social Design efforts

'Backstage to Frontstage' refers to backend systems, policies, processes & dependencies that influence your Service Design. Moving through what actions and roles employees play, we finally reach "front stage", what customers see, hear and feel.

Is Service Design relevant to product teams?



This handy worksheet can help you think through some key aspects of a social enterprise, service, or business.


Photos are a fantastic way to learn about a person’s life, especially if they’re the one taking them.


Systems thinking is a new skill for the 21st century. It is central to practicing Service Design.


Experience Dynamics helped smoothen the ride of sustainable mobility centers globally that empower e-mobility infrastructure for providers and purchasers. 

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WATCH: Why Service Design is vital to UX efforts

55 min recording from a webinar on what Service Design goals are and how they compare to UX. 


A step-by-step workshop that guides your team through the process of building a Service Blueprint. Take it online or bring it to your office for a private training (globally).

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