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Hiring a good UX agency is not easy.

Why? Because many UX agencies provide mediocre UX that lacks differentiation for your product or service experience. We created a UX Hiring Guide with important facts you should consider when hiring a UX agency. 

Our story

Experience Dynamics started out with one mission in mind: solve tough problems for our clients and put a smile on your user’s face. The goal? To reduce user stress of interacting with your products by improving your business results. We have since expanded our mission to teach, mentor, and coach teams in improving how they can repeat their success doing UX and thereby building better products and services.

Experience Dynamics enables our clients to develop measurable changes in business results by bringing UX and Service Design expertise to your projects. 

Our clients include Nike, IBM, Intel, Women Enabled International, City of New York, Microsoft, GE Security, Mobility International USA, World Bank.

We focus on measurable design improvements that typically increase online customer conversion rates by 35%-88%.

Unlike other digital agencies, we don’t try to do everything. Instead, we focus on UX design, research, and product/service strategy.  Our executive leadership lead projects and get their ‘hands dirty’ on nearly every project. This is the secret of our success: Carefully attending to every detail, keenly focusing on KPI’s and success metrics, while keeping a finger on the pulse— of our clients needs and requests. 

Where we have experience

We have worked with a vast range of clients, including businesses in almost every industry including:

Early Years

In early 2001, Experience Dynamics was hatched in a loft in Portland, Oregon by our founders. The company grew out of five years of early R&D with Social VR interfaces, online communities, and led to UX consulting for dot-com and Fortune 500 companies.

We quickly saw results from complex web applications and e-commerce sites, with conversions of 5%-88% from applying Agile and Lean UX in a rapid  Human Centered Design process.

Our work was noticed by Fortune 10 clients who sought us to solve complex User Research and UX design in B2B and B2C. Our clients included KeyBank, Intel, Chase, Chrome Systems, Daimler-Chrysler, and Providence Health System. With a reputation for expertise and results, we created one of the first portable usability labs and three generations of usability testing software. We also left behind UX teams and a thirst to grow UX organizational maturity. Many of our early projects became the foundation of today’s in-house UX teams. 

Turning Point

As Experience Dynamics grew, we began helping our clients build their own UX practice. Frank Spillers led projects and teams, including hiring UX designers, researchers and directors. Clients turned to Experience Dynamics as a trusted partner, looking for differentiated UX, practical expertise and rapid delivery of UX Design and Service Design projects. We started conducting UX training and teaching Human Centered Design methods to dozens of teams from Apple to Amazon.com and more. Today our design work touches over 500 million users worldwide. And we feel like we’re only beginning to realize our mission of bring ROI to UX by making our users smile! This means when users are happy using designs and services, they relax, form positive impressions, and attach those to your brand.  It pays to keep your users in a good mood. 

Experience Dynamics uses a proven and rigorous Human Centered Design methodology to improve your designs. Our design recommendations are based on:

our ux team and clients discuss a UI

Verifiable results of our UX consulting work:

What drives our approach

Be Evidence Based

Verify and validate with users Teach you how to make better decisionsImprove trust from Stakeholder

Aim for Award-Winning

Bring the passion, energy, and funPlan for an award-winning, life-changing designHelp you exceed your business goals

Find the Unexpected

Look beyond – take a systems thinking approachFacilitate discovery (discover problems first, not solutions)Listen deeply (to the unstated user needs)

Audience First

User Advocacy (User needs first)
Disability Advocacy (Put people with disabilities needs first)
Inclusion Advocacy (Put underserved users needs first)

Do What’s Right

Bring equity, ethics and inclusion into teams, discussions and solutions.


Work together
Make your life easier
Bridge your Organizational gaps

Think Holistic

Cross-channel Cross-org Cross-touchpoint
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