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A different kind of training:

A different kind of training:

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Who’s attending our training?

Case study

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Alvin Oh, Product Strategy Lead, EquiLend Holdings

Group 38867

Experience Dynamics training played an important part in helping us shape our usability strategy and framework across the organization. 

After the training, we saw an increase in customer productivity and collaboration. We are now clearly moving toward building products that truly cater to our client’s needs.

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Train with Experience Dynamics

Experience Dynamics is an award-winning UX consulting firm and leader in 
Human-centered design methods. We help you enhance performance, productivity, and revenue with typical customer conversion rates between 35%-80% and revenue enhancement between 25%-200%.  

Formed in 2001, Experience Dynamics has established itself as a leader in the field of UX, Service Design, Emotion Design and Inclusive Design. Companies benefiting from Experience Dynamics’ actionable UX research and design work include non-profits (see our Impact Consulting) and Enterprise UX
Our UX training is considered some of the best in the field. For example, we conducted UX training with Capital One bank for two years and were rated “5 star” in all content categories in their Digital College. 

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People trained in user experience skills over 22 years:Developers, Designers, Content, UI, UX Designers and Researchers, business analysts, Product managers, and Senior Managers. 

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Countries in which we’ve trained people in UX skills. Our training fuels a core part of the non-profit Interaction Design Foundation UX online learning platform currently with 150,000 students.

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Trainer: Frank Spillers, UX Master trainer, with a reputation as a top UX leader and subject matter expert. Many firms have their staff teaching, giving you a ‘grab bag’ of results. 

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Fortune 500 companies we’ve worked with and provided learning opportunities reaching Amazon, Apple, GE, Logitech, NaviNet, Capital One, Google, Deloitte, State of New York, Citigroup, and more.

Check out our Teams Deluxe (UX Inner Circle) offering: Monthly private custom training.

Learn skills like UX, Service Design, Inclusive Design, UX Management, and more. 

About Your Trainer

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Frank Spillers

Frank Spillers is a distinguished trainer, author, and internationally respected UX Leader. He is an
expert in improving the design of services and products, including mobile, Web, Web app, and VR/AR. Frank has successfully applied 25 years of advanced knowledge of UX to Fortune 500 and nonprofits globally. Frank completed a Master in Science in Collaborative Virtual Environments from Birmingham University (England), in Cognitive
Science. He is a subject matter expert in Interaction Design, Service Design, Accessibility, Emotion Design, and Localization UX. 


Private UX training testimonials

Two thumbs up for Frank Spillers passion, insight and experience. A company can't afford to miss the mark when it comes to user interface and design. Frank Spillers' presentation reaffirms the crucial need to understand the relevance of connecting customer needs to the UI. His passion, insight and experience provides a rich environment for success.
John Mutch, SharePoint Developer
Providence Health and Services
I didn’t know what to expect from this training and I can say it more than exceeded my expectations. Two thumbs up and thank you for your good energy. The open format structure of the training was refreshing- it didn’t feel canned. It was very useful to focus on material applicable to our projects.
Neil O’Connell, Product Experience Design Manager
UX training on a level like no other in the industry. The entire event was a huge success. Experience Dynamics training workshops are like no other that I've attended before. Frank knows how to effectively teach essential UX skills, and he always makes sure that everyone in the room gets a chance to actively participate.
Daniel Loewus-Deitch, UX Manager
Best. Class. Ever. Hands down, an absolute 5-Stars!

Frank Spillers' UI/UX design workshops are phenomenal. His style balances learning through instruction, interactive discussions, group activities, and individual assignments.
Kurt Schoenberg, Mobile Ops Manager
Capital One

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