UX Transformation Organizational Consulting

UX Transformation organizational consulting service

UX Transformation organizational consulting service from Experience Dynamics involves auditing maturity, UX training, mentoring, and modeling excellence. The “UX transformation” concept follows Digital Transformation or how Agile replaced Waterfall as a system-wide software engineering process change. UX Transformation aims to improve how you repeat success doing UX and Service Design. It also means better business results or UX ROI.

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Why do you need a UX Transformation?

Doing “tactical UX” is a limited-sum game. UX does indeed have tactical functions: wireframes, artwork, button design, accessibility enhancement, and more. However, scaling a UX “win” consistently requires a program. To succeed, organizational change is needed: new cultural practices, new habits, ways of doing, and ways of thinking.

Already doing UX? Getting results? Great! However, the path is steep if you are embarking on an “organic” transformation.

Less than one-third of respondents—all of whom had been part of a transformation in the past five years—say their companies’ transformations have been successful at both improving organizational performance and sustaining those improvements over time. (McKinsey 2021)

That’s why Experience Dynamics supports numerous clients with UX and Service transformation challenges: organizational dynamics, leadership, training, process rebuilding, and more here.

Principles of UX Transformation

UX Transformation entails a comprehensive shift in an organization’s approach to designing, developing, and delivering products and services. It’s about embedding user-centric thinking and practices throughout the entire value chain, from conception to execution. This means changing how you learn about users and first identifying their ‘right problems’ before making design decisions.

UX organisational transformation principles

Organizations undertake UX Transformation for various reasons. Some are driven by the need to tap into untapped potential, while others aim to optimize growth and operational efficiency (DesignOps). By adopting a holistic approach that focuses on user-centricity, data-driven decision-making, and continuous innovation, companies can consistently excel.

Included in our UX Transformation Organizational Consulting services:

  • UX Training: Join dozens of teams to which we have provided private custom UX training. Request a Managing UX teams training or a UX Management (process) training.
  • Process Redesign workshop: The process redesign involves interviews with your stakeholders and a cross-functional team-led process redesign, putting UX, Service Design, Inclusive Design, and users at the forefront.  See UX Process Reset workshop…
  • UX maturity audit & directional roadmap: Get a custom audit of your organizational situation (“business as usual” snapshot) with a UX maturity audit. A UX roadmap provides a precise for organizational activities and strategies. Combined with the process redesign workshop, this will equip you to tackle your UX Transformation.
  • Excellence transfer: Involves mentoring and modeling best practices, blending training with an embedded team model. Our team leads your team through 4 Consulting demonstration projects (1 per quarter). Customizable in scope and size.

At the core of our UX management philosophy lies a commitment to driving organizational change by offering next steps tailored to organization. Our UX management approach is infused with the principles of Inclusive Design, serving as an intricate bridge that seamlessly connects product-service strategy with underrepresented communities. It also includes Service Design, a key skill in today’s product-service blended environment.


Managing UX teams training 

UX Management (process) training

UX Process Reset workshop

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