Why hire us

Why hire us

We have a deep understanding of UX: Interaction Design, Emotion Design, Inclusive Design and Service Design.

Experience Dynamics are recognized internationally for being experts in the ISO standard methodology that governs UX: Human Centered Design.

There’s a reason companies like Apple, Amazon.com, MetLife, American Express, Citigroup and others seek us out for UX training.

Frank Spillers, CEO mentors an elite group in a micro-community with members from Google, Capital One, Harvard, Deloitte, Accenture and more. See Frank Spillers UX Inner Circle…

We only do success in UX. This means we don’t just work with your design issues or your users. Instead we also work your people, your brand, your organization. Our successful track record and trust by Fortune 10 companies comes from a delicate approach that looks beyond UX design and to business impact and generating value.

Our goal is to build capacity, collaboration and to leave a lasting value on your organization.

See our UX Transformation Organizational consulting

Our approach to UX is to work two levels: tactical and strategic UX. Many firms create wireframes and forget the interface is a vehicle for a business objective. Instead we start with business needs and balance those with user needs. Wireframes come from doing the hard strategy work up front. Some of our results: Experience Dynamics increased customer conversions by 88%; and lifted revenue 200% (covered in a MarketingSherpa case study). See Enterprise UX consulting

We are also dedicated to Inclusive Design consulting, Accessibility and Impact consulting for rights-based organizations.

Since 2001, at the start of the Agile revolution- we have been delivering rapid, Agile-friendly usability consulting services. We’ve worked with hundreds of teams globally to deliver rapid research and design solutions (think weeks, not months).

First and foremost are your customers or end users. Experience Dynamics are known to be the leaders in helping you access the wisdom of your users. We “do more user research than most UX consultants I’ve seen” (Harley Manning, VP, Forrester Research) because we have seen how powerful user research can be as a design tool.

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