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Enterprise Consulting

Experience Dynamics enterprise consulting for UX covers B2C, B2B and B2E scenarios. We’ve spent decades creating seamless user journeys across intricate platforms and channels. 

By conducting in-depth user research, crafting intuitive interfaces, and refining user flows, we enhance employee and customer satisfaction while streamlining backend service architectures.

The Results? 88% increase in conversion rates, 300% increase in revenue. Employees extremely satisfied and senior executives keep calling us back.

Check out our UX and Service Design client case studies that simplified workflows, amplified user adoption, increased productivity, and lifted overall user engagement. Project in mind? Get in touch for a friendly chat.

Explore case studies

Rethinking content for a key audience pays off​
Breaking the ice with a 315% increase in revenue
Transforming a portal into an engaging must-have
Simplifying banking experience for Key customers
Lifting conversion rates 83%
400% increase in B2B sales
Improving compliance in a breeze
Revolutionizing Patient fMRI Scanning Experience at Turing Medical
Understanding gamified incentives in healthcare
Using Emotion Design to improve findability
Empowering lawyers with rapid and intuitive content at their fingertips
Toward deeper FinTech market insights
Rolling out ‘smooth of use’ on the factory line
Constructing a strong start for mobile B2B UX
How Schrödinger avoided drug design software user adoption problems by carefully understanding UI perceptions

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