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The Story, a leading resource for data on emerging markets, was looking for a new way to meet the needs of their target customers.

With a wide range of data, additional content, new features and valuable information available for its users, needed a modern, intuitive and easy to use online platform that their users would interact with on a daily basis. Users consumed cutting edge market content, data and analytics as well as a variety of financial services tools. reached out to Experience Dynamics to help streamline this into a simple interface.

The Challenge’s audiences were broad with varying needs and use cases. Their product team and their audiences were spread all across the world.

Securities had conducted a user survey but in order to meet their goal of upselling users to the more robust platform, they knew they had to build in compelling functionality that users really wanted. This functionality had to empower users by providing the right features at the right time throughout this complex financial services web application UI.

On top of compelling functionality, they needed to deliver complex financial securities tools that could be used by varying persona types. The challenge was understanding these personas and usage scenarios in order to build an experience that enriched their daily workflow and was worthy of the paid upgrade.

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The Strategy

A clear understanding of the different users, how they would interact with the data and content and what they needed to do with was a clear first step.

This meant recruiting for, moderating and analyzing user interviews in a global field study (New York, London and Beijing) – culminating in 42 user interviews, across three continents. This allowed Experience Dynamics to develop research driven user personas, task scenarios and user workflows that acted as the cornerstone of our UX strategy.

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Experience Dynamics helped us get started with a detailed user research across over 42 target users spanning across 4 continents to map out personas, task scenarios and user workflows followed by user testing on early designs with integrated wireframes.

-Pinky Shah

Head of Product Development-EMIS

The Turning Point

Working with a clear understanding of the personas and their needs, and a close relationship with the product development team helped us move quickly to the next step: Interaction Design.

With rapid Interaction Design we were able to refine our prototyping to a few weeks. This included customization of intelligence, a “filter the noise” feature, a “Smart View”– all aimed at helping users focus.


 These are examples of insights collected during the rigorous global user interviews, used to create a comprehensive UI interaction model and ultimately 180 screens of Visual Design ahead. But first, User Testing. 

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The Execution

With a mountain of data from online global user testing we clearly understood where the prototype needed adjusted. Next, Experience Dynamics set off on a Visual Design effort that included a hyper-focus on For 10 weeks we worked around the clock to refine the design.

VISUAL DESIGN SAMPLES LEFT (note this pre-Flat Design style was in vogue in 2012. just after Steve Jobs death). After that, Flat Design became the industry standard.

This intensive effort allowed us to explore every facet of the design and attack the user experience as a whole.

Group 38867

We would like to thank Frank Spillers and his team
for their relentless efforts and brilliant usability
works that have given EMIS Professional a modern
and easy to use online interface, providing a
significantly better user experience to EMIS users.

Group 37728
-Pinky Shaw,

Head of Product Development-EMIS Pro

The Results

Experience Dynamics was able to provide three key deliverables that shaped a well-made, easy to use experience. They included:

-A visual design strategy featuring 180 visual design compositions.
-A clear Interaction Design strategy that supported complex data, content and analytics as well as complex FinTech tools.
-An easy to use navigation built to meet the users needs as they completed key tasks. 

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