From the

Waiting Room to the Board Room

How Healthcare UX includes:

  • UX Strategy for Products or Services
  • UX Design / Service Design
  • Policy Design

Ideal For:

  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cross-channel experience

From the 'Waiting Room to the Board Room' refers to considering the emotional aspects of patient experience when you make decisions that impact care delivery. A journey-centric view can give you a wider lens on what services and transactions need to make a difference from front office to back office. With our Healthcare UX consulting, patient, care provider or insurer are attended to with precise task flows, workflows and interactions.

How is UX improving Healthcare?

Healthcare UX Highlights


Emotion Design

Healthcare UX needs to find and deliver emotional value. The technique in UX we use is called Emotion Design. 

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Design and Emotion UX



A triangulation approach to digital accessibility must surpass the limitations of checker tools or WCAG-only guidelines. Triangulation involves automated checkers, WCAG guideline review,

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wheelchair user points at a screen during an accessibility test


Turing Medical recognized the need for an immersive patient service experience that engaged patients and minimized involuntary movements– for the entire scan. The company sought to balance excitement and relaxation, ensuring users remained still while experiencing a compelling environment. Experience Dynamics was tasked with making a “stillness machine,”: a game that involved holding, concentrating, relaxing, and holding still.

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Rally Health ses gamification as its main engagement mechanism. One of the functions of the Rally Platform is to provide incentives to Medicare members. They turned to Experience Dynamics to get behaviorally validated answers to the gamification policy for healthcare incentives. 

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focus group at experience dynamics
navinet UX metrics stats

How we increased B2B sales 400%

Statics from a website lead generation project for NaviNet. Learn how NaviNet realized these dramatic lead generation results in only 30 days after launch.
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