From the

Living Room to the Board Room

Consumer UX includes:

  • UX Strategy for Products or Services
  • UX Design / Service Design
  • e-Commerce conversion lifts

Ideal For:

  • Any organization 
  • Consumer-focused products
  • Government or Sustainability Projects

The 'Living Room to the Board Room' refers to the need for decisions to come from outside your org. Insights about how consumers will use your product or service translate to better design decisions. Design that is Outside-In boosts user adoption, conversion, and engagement while lowering risks in Consumer UX scenarios.

What is important about strong UX in consumer experiences?



This course helps you conduct your own user tests with the most popular method of evaluating your current or proposed experience. 


Mapping a consumer’s cross-channel pain points and goals over time is critical to begin crafting UX.


Understand a user’s ‘problem space’ by diving into their context of use. Day-in-the-life observation interviews are core for all design decisions. 



Learn e-commerce usability, best practices, and user experience strategies to boost conversions and drive growth. (60 minutes)

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