Experience Dynamics is an award-winning User Experience (UX) consulting firm that uses real-world research to help Fortune 500 clients engage, improve and innovate user interface (UI) designs for digital experiences. Since 2001, we have helped marketers, product managers and technologists achieve higher levels of user engagement, efficiency and conversion. The firm specializes in emotion, gamification and collaboration for B2B and B2C clients focusing on application UX design of Desktop, Web, Mobile and VR/AR.

Where we have experience

We have worked with a vast range of clients, including businesses in almost every industry including: 

  • Extensive experience with Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) user experiences such as enterprise grade web applications and sites, portals and Enterprise Resource Planning sites. 
  • A range of platforms including Responsive Web Design and Mobile apps and sites; we have worked with complex Web Apps, thick and thin clients. We're even help clients with new Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality design and UX challenges. 
  • A range of product types from physical products to Software as a Service, informational sites, services, software, business process as a service.
  • A range of user types from home owners to difficult to reach "C" level users, nurses, CMO's, Directors, Sales Traders and disabled users of every type (blind, mobility, cognitive and hearing impaired). 
  • A global footprint, with studies and companies in 27 countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and nearly all 50 US states. 
  • A variety of business challenges including promotional sites, informational sites, branding, ecommerce, lead generation, publisher sites, catalog sites, gamification, social experiences, Intranets, HR sites, CMS's, enterprise collaboration, Accessibility and Independent Software Vendor web and mobile apps. 

Early Years

In early 2001, Experience Dynamics was hatched in a loft in Portland, Oregon by our founders. The company grew out of five years of early R&D with Social VR interfaces, online communities and UX/UI consulting for dot-com and Fortune 500 companies. We quickly saw results from complex web application and ecommerce sites, with conversions of 5%-60% from applying Agile UX and User Centered Design. Our work was noticed by Fortune 100 clients who sought us to solve complex interface design in B2B and B2C design areas. These initial clients included KeyBank, Intel, Chase, Chrome Systems, Daimler-Chrysler and Providence Health System. With a reputation for expertise and results, we created one of the first portable usability labs and several generations of usability testing software.

Experience Dynamics today

Clients turn to Experience Dynamics as a trusted partner, differentiated by our deep, practical expertise and excellence in rapid delivery of user experience consulting. We are strong user advocates and global leaders in user experience, UX training and User Centered Design methodology. Today our interface design work touches over 415 million users worldwide. And we feel like we’re only beginning to realize our mission of Making Your Users Smile!

Experience Dynamics uses a proven and rigorous User Centered Design methodology to improve your designs. Our design recommendations are based on:

  • 19 years of successfully solving complex UX/UI issues for our Clients
  • 600+ User Centered Design projects
  • User interface (UI); Interaction design of 800+ interfaces
  • Designing for user bases of 5 users to 5M users
  • Providing UX research for sites with 500,000 to 10 million monthly visitors

Results from our UX consulting:

Learn about our User-centered design approach.

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Frank Spillers, MS (Chief Experience Officer)

Frank Spillers is a distinguished speaker, author and internationally respected Senior UX practitioner and UX Master Trainer. He is a world expert in improving the design and user experience of enterprise sites, web applications, desktop, VR/AR and mobile apps. Frank has successfully applied 20 years of advanced knowledge of Usability Engineering skills and User Centered Design methodology in Fortune 500 and corporate environments globally.

A recognized subject matter expert by the U.S. Department of Labor, he has developed new usability techniques for understanding user needs, assessing user experience and conducting rapid design prototyping. Recently, he has contributed ground-breaking research on the impact of design and emotion. His current work has been profiled in leading industry publications including The Handbook of Task Analysis for Human Computer Interaction, MarketingSherpa's Landing Page Handbook and the book-- The Persona Lifecycle.

Before founding Experience Dynamics in 2001, Frank managed usability consulting for WebCriteria (now IBM Analytics) and worked with students of Dr. Donald Norman (the grandfather of User Centered Design) at Intuitive Design, a San Diego based User Centered Design consultancy. His current clients include: Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Logitech, GE, Hewlett-Packard, KeyBank, Four Seasons, Chase, Target.com and Whitepages.com. He has trained thousands of teams and individuals in usability and User Centered Design techniques in private as well as public settings.

Frank received his Master's in Cognitive Science (MS) from Birmingham University, UK in the user experience of VR with an emphasis on collaborative virtual environments.

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Alison Gavine, MA (Managing Partner)

Alison Gavine has an uncompromising interest in understanding the core of user experience: consumer behavior, behavioral patterns and emerging trends. She believes that great things happen when the end user experience is obsessed about in design and delivery of products and services.

She received her Master of Arts in Psychology (MA) from Dundee University, Scotland. Alison brings over twenty five years management experience with an emphasis on user experience, user centered design, user advocacy and policy making. She has promoted the use of Information Technology to regenerate communities and the end user experience directly through unique ventures in social regeneration and emerging technologies.

Alison has a wealth of experience in consulting in both the public and private sector including nonprofit, healthcare and regional and national government. Alison has an established history of understanding user experience and the social factors that lead to formation of community. She has conducted large-scale longitudinal field studies representing up to 20,000 users and as worked extensively in advocating for end users. Alison has worked with numerous clients both in the US and the UK including Intel, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Schrodinger, KeyBank, Microsoft, Target.com, Affinity Group and British Gas.

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We have a deep understanding of Usability and User Interface Design. Experience Dynamics are recognized internationally for being experts in User Centered Design. There’s a reason companies like Apple, Amazon.com, MetLife, American Express, Citigroup and others seek us out for UX seminars and training.  


We only do success in UX. This means we don’t just work with your design issues or your users. Instead we also work your people, your brand, your organization. Our successful track record and trust by Fortune 10 companies comes from a delicate approach that looks beyond UX design and to business impact and generating value.


Our approach to UX is to work two levels: tactical and strategic usability. Many firms create wireframes and forget the interface is a vehicle for a business objective. Instead we start with business needs and balance those with user needs. Wireframes come from doing the hard strategy work up front. Some of our results: Experience Dynamics increased customer conversions by 88%; and lifted revenue 200%. Read about it in this MarketingSherpa case study.


Since 2001, at the start of the Agile revolution- we have been delivering rapid, Agile-friendly usability consulting services. We’ve worked with hundreds of teams globally to deliver rapid research and design solutions (think weeks, not months).

5. WE PUT THE "U" in UX (User Experience)

First and foremost are your customers or end users. Experience Dynamics are known to be the leaders in helping you access the wisdom of your users. We do more user research than most UX consultants (Forrester Research) because we have seen how powerful empathy can be as a design tool.

Still not convinced? Here's 7 more reasons to pick up the phone now...(+1 503.978.9183)

  1. Tailored to You. You will get exclusive access to our mastery of usability and user centered design methodology. You will also get answers applicable to your specific product and industry, not canned, recycled guidelines.
  2. Design Recommendations always: You will get design recommendations with every deliverable. We don’t believe in separating research from design. Any and all usability consultants should give you specific design recommendations, period.
  3. Work with the Founder. You will work with the founders of the company, not the junior intern. You’ll get to work in close collaboration with a small, light and fast team.
  4. Solid Expertise. You won’t get “make it up as you go along” usability consulting like many out there. Instead you will get professional usability consultants with proven track records--recognized globally as leading-edge in our field.
  5. Practical Answers. We bring our understanding of human cognition and customer behavior to tough business problems.
  6. Pure Passion. We love what we do and our passion means no details are missed. Professional, Competent, Insightful and pleasure to work with- that's how it should be.
  7. 100% Guaranteed. We offer a full 365 day satisfaction guarantee on any product or service you purchased and didn't get results with. You are trying to improve your customer experience after all. We lead by example.

(2) Visual Designer; Interaction Designer

Visual Designer

We are always looking for designers who have a head for UX and a heart for great design. Do you love interfaces and complex design challenges?


  • Create interfaces, visual designs for Desktop, Web applications, mobile apps and sites and some physical products.
  • Conceptualize, design, and prototype new features and products.
  • Go beyond our wireframes without compromising usability guidelines.
  • Work with UX gurus to balance usability into your visual design comps.
  • Work directly with our client's developers and business team to promote great design.


  • Exceptional visual design and empathy for users
  • Detailed, business driven with an eye for detail
  • Experience designing simple and intuitive user interfaces
  • Ability to transform design and interaction ideas into wireframes and pixel-perfect
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign comps and mockups
  • Keen sense of typography, color, imagery, and graphics
  • Strong portfolio showcasing your visual or UI/UX design talent
  • Expertise in creating PSD's that are organized well (usable by developers).
  • Ability to think implementation or Responsive with your comps.
  • Work from home okay

Interested? Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@experiencedynamics.com

Interaction Designer

Are you ready to work on next generation user experiences that are used by millions of users globally?


  • Conduct user research or accompany User Researcher.
  • Interpret and translate usability requirements to rapid prototypes.
  • Information Architecture genius; create wireframes for breakfast.
  • Real-time prototyping abilities (sketch while you talk in a meeting).
  • Create interfaces for Desktop, Web applications, mobile apps and sites and some physical products.
  • Conceptualize, design, and prototype new features and products.
  • Work collaboratively with designers, developers and clients to advocate usability. 


  • Exceptional user advocacy skills
  • Detailed, business driven with an eye for how minds work
  • Experience designing for complex UX
  • Visual thinker with analytical backbone with strong qualitative overtones
  • Ability to transform design and interaction ideas into wireframes and pixel-perfect
  • Axure (or equivalent tool) guru.
  • Maintain wireframes in real-time; multiple projects
  • Strong portfolio showcasing your UX/UI deliverables

Interested? Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@experiencedynamics.com