Complex Workflows to Complex Decisions

Fintech UX service includes:

  • UX Strategy for your product
  • Human Centered Design (user research, prototyping and design)
  • UX training

Ideal For:

  • Financial Services Orgs
  • Large web applications
  • High-stakes interfaces

From ''Complex Workflows to Complex Decisions' refers to the complexity in FinTech and Institutional banking. Even in consumer banking when designing products or services, tough design decisions need to be made. In Fintech UX we rely on research-influenced workflow analysis to bring user tasks, journeys and needs to the design of screens and experiences. This lowers the risk of adding more complexity to already challenging user scenarios.

Why UX for Fintech?

Fintech UX Highlights


Getting feedback from users is vital to checking your assumptions, getting design insights and reducing errors. Read the Pros and Cons of Market Research vs User Research

two colleagues discuss UX Research vs Market Research pros and cons


Intense user research leads to informed and calculated wireframe. UX Design is the ‘catch-all’ phrase that sits underneath Interaction Design. Read What is Interaction Design? and get the “ultimate” definition.


What are heuristic evaluations in UX? Moreover, how can expert reviews provide a quick analysis if done holistically? Read the article… 

what is a heuristic in UX- experts review a uI.jpg

CASE STUDY needed a modern, intuitive, and easy-to-use online platform that their users would interact with daily. Read the case study…

FinTech needs UX-Led Transformation

What is User-led Transformation? A deliberate strategy for deriving organizational and business value from UX efforts. It means being data-driven and user-focused while creating a culture of insights to drive design decisions.

Read the full article…

Task & Context

Frank Spillers holds up Task is King sign in a UX training

Understanding and getting the right tasks represented in your design is critical to all UX. Usability and ease of use are measured by successful task completion. Supporting context of use is equally as critical because tasks live within user contexts of use.

Task-centered design is an essential approach that all good UX must follow. Why? Because Task is King! But remember that tasks live within contexts. That’s why Context is Queen! Read the full article…

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