Usability testing

Watch your users stress-test your design.

“Two distinct advantages to formal testing: it provides feedback for site development, and it is an educational opportunity for designers and engineers, allowing them to see firsthand the decision-making process of an average site visitor”

–Jupiter Research.


Unlike a focus group which elicits group opinions, usability testing gives you individual behavioral feedback. The difference is key: users interact with designs on their own, not in a group. How users behave with your design is more important than what they think of it.


Usability Testing is an industry-standard technique that that serves as a cornerstone for evaluating the user-friendliness and learnability of a product. It forms a crucial part of understanding how users interact with your offering and plays a vital role in refining its overall experience. This practice involves conducting one-on-one interviews with users, during which their engagement with your product is closely observed. The objective is to reveal any glitches, identify challenges, and uncover possibilities for enhancement.

Inclusive design, an integral part of this process, ensures that the product caters to a diverse range of users, accounting for varying abilities and needs. Usability testing becomes a conduit for implementing this inclusive approach, as it uncovers insights that guide design decisions to accommodate a wider audience. This extends beyond a mere evaluation; it shapes the product’s development to be more accessible, engaging, and functional for all.

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The heart of this testing is to enhance user experiences. By immersing into the actual interactions, it unveils areas that need polishing and unveils pathways for growth. These insights, gained directly from users, bridge the gap between design intentions and real-world usage. As a consulting firm, we seamlessly integrates into your design process, ensuring that your product is not only well-crafted but also aligned with the needs and preferences of your users.



  • Obtain direct feedback from your users for valuable insights.
  • Validate your design decisions through user input.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of user behavior patterns.
  • Measure User Experience and task success, a critical metric.
  • Identify sources of confusion, frustration, and errors for targeted improvements.
  • Optimize conversion rates and user adoption.

Methods we use:

Lab based usability testing. Portable usability testing. Online user testing. 

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  • Usability test report
  • Design recommendations 
  • Service includes recruiting, user incentives and management, project management, moderation, data analysis and reporting

Usability testing reduces the risk of building the wrong thing. Thereby saving time, money and other precious resources. In other words, it finds problems when they are still easy and cheap to fix.

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