Real-life Environments to Immersive Environments

VR/AR UX services includes:

  • UX Strategy for Immersive content
  • UX Design for VR and AR
  • User testing; Content strategy; Immersive Storytelling and more

Ideal For:

  • Teams new to VR
  • Digital Transformation
  • Government or Sustainability Projects

'Real-life environments to immersive environments' means bringing user needs to your AR/VR efforts and designing with safety, inclusion and emotion for example. It also means be ready to seamlessly blend real physics and social interactions with holographic, augmented or fully immersive environments and tasks.

What is important in VR/AR UX design?


VIDEO SHORT (2min 45sec)

Frank Spillers, a VR UX pioneer, discusses the importance of storytelling in immersive content. Watch the 3 min video…


To design immersive narratives for VR and AR, you must become a strong Storyteller, Improviser and Imagineer. Read the article


34 min

3D or spatial interfaces are completely different to Web, Desktop or Mobile interfaces. This creates an assumption that 3D UX Design is so different, it requires a radically different skill set. In this webinar, we will show you that there is more in common with “2D” UX as with 3D UX. Watch the webinar recording…


Experience Dynamics announces expansion to usability and eyetracking testing lab to include AR & VR. 

Less is more in VR/AR design

Immersive content needs to be intuitive

Developers and designers often want to impress their users with exciting visualizations and manipulations of their physical environment eg. with holograms, moving objects or augmented/virtual spaces to explore. This creates a disconnect between what your bias may be, versus that of your audience. Read the full article


AR/VR UX design workshop participants explore a hologram

What’s wrong with the design of your AR/VR user experience? It’s missing storytelling UX. Learn immersive content creation in this epic workshop taught by VR Veteran and UX leader Frank Spillers. See what you will learn…

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