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How our UX Training works

Experience Dynamics offers a few ways to train with us:

  1. Request a Custom in-house Training (virtual or on-site). Choose a topic and we will work with you to customize content before delivering the training. Read more on Private UX Training
  2. Choose one of our 30 UX courses: View UX course catalog…
  3. Choose an On-Demand course to buy or discuss how we can make this available to your entire company for an annual fee. 
  4. Ongoing monthly mentoring and training is available at Frank Spillers’ UX Inner Circle and Teams Deluxe (up to 99 people)

Explore some of our popular course topics below…

  • UX Design
  • UX Research
  • Service Design
  • UX Management

5 Reasons to Train with Experience Dynamics

  1.  Train with top-rated experienced UX Master Trainer, Frank Spillers, a UX/ Service Design Leader with 25 years of experience.
  2. Real case studies, real tips and tricks, field-tested guidelines, and theory that is reality-checked.
  3. Learner-centered, learn-by-doing activities and take-back-to-work skills.
  4. Customized content relevant to your industry, challenges
  5. A continuous learning community, mentoring and the latest thinking at Frank Spillers’ UX Inner Circle mentoring community. ux inner circle logo

Upcoming classes

Personas Training
November 2, 2024

Personas Training

Personas Training Course Description: While personas are a commonly used tool, their creation and…

Read more
Accessibility Training
November 2, 2024

Accessibility Training

This Accessibility training embraces the spirit of universal access to Web and Mobile content…

Read more
Leveraging Task Analysis in UX Design
05 Jul 202416 UTCZoom online

Leveraging Task Analysis in UX Design

JULY 5th  8:00AM PDT; 11:00AM EDT; 4:00 PM BST; 8:30 PM IST 60 min…

Read more
Live Q&A with authors of Disruptive Research
12 Jul 202416 UTCZoom online

Live Q&A with authors of Disruptive Research

JULY 12th 8:00AM PDT; 9:00AM MDT; 11:00PM EDT 4:00PM GMT Welcome Invite: Larry Marine…

Read more
Rethinking User Research with AI
19 Jul 202418 UTCZoom online

Rethinking User Research with AI

JULY 19th 10:00AM PDT; 1:00PM EDT; 6:00PM GMT; 7:00PM CET 30 minutes Rethinking User…

Read more
personas training- black woman smiles with phone in hand

Personas Training

Personas Training Course Description: While personas are a commonly used tool, their creation and utilization can vary widely across cross-functional teams. This Personas Training aims

Accessibility workshop with mobility impaired user ready to go

Accessibility Training

This Accessibility training embraces the spirit of universal access to Web and Mobile content for all. Optimizing your design for accessibility helps you stay compliant

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All courses offer a shareable industry reconized certificate

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Who’s attending our training?

Frequently Asked Questions

Rest assured, our courses come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a straightforward refund process, prioritizing your learning journey.

Yes if the course is running publically or through the UX Inner Circle. For all other scenarios, please request a private training or Purchase Order for group trainings. 

Our in-person courses accommodate a range of participants, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 30 attendees. This allows for personalized attention while fostering a collaborative environment.

All courses are available online or in person globally (at your office). For certain courses, we will recommend doing them in person due to the amount of hands-on work. If you get in touch we will let you know. 

Our training style focuses on delivering reliable UX guidance without resorting to sales pitches. Learning is designed to be highly interactive. You’ll engage in hands-on practice with peers, using real-world scenarios you can apply in practical contexts. Frank Spillers teaches to “real life,” avoiding the academic or lecturing format common in other trainings.  

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you’ll receive an industry-recognized online certificate. This credential is not only a mark of your accomplishment but can also be shared to showcase your expertise.

For our online courses, we can accommodate up to 99 participants. Choose from any training course. Participate in collaborative exercises, gain practical experience, and earn an industry-recognized certificate. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our no-nonsense refund policy.

First of all you get UX Master Trainer Frank Spillers, MS, who brings 25 years of training hundreds of teams and thousands of individuals. His training reaches 150,000 UX researchers, Devs, and product and service designers via the Interaction Design Foundation. To a smaller group he teaches and mentors monthly (anyone can join or attend a single session or purchase recordings).

A senior researcher and member said this of Frank: “I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found the UX Inner Circle. Frank is a multi-talented powerhouse, and on top of his many skills, he’s a super-gifted trainer!” -Yingdi Qi, Sr. User Researcher, Google

Second, Frank’s style of training is informal and fun–by design. You will do activities that build confidence and skills while working with peers in a workshop style. Finally, in private corporate trainings content is customized to the unique challenges you are solving. So you walk away with tangible results from the training. 

To build your skills and UX capacity you need constant learning. We provide individual (monthly fee with financially inclusive pricing) and team mentoring (quarterly commitment). See and Teams Deluxe

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