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Human Centered Design Training

Course Description

Human Centered Design Training

Course Description: Industry leaders like Apple, AirBnB, Target, Capital One, and countless start-ups have used Human Centered Design (HCD). Why are they all using HCD? This Human Centered Design Training explores the methodology of HCD and its ROI and business benefits. It uses hands-on activities for each core phase in HCD to allow for direct experience of the decision-making impact. You will be able to identify how to begin using HCD and how it works in conjunction with your UX design efforts.

Course Highlights:

  1. HCD essentials: Learn the core phases of HCD and see how they are applied. Learn the benefits of HCD, its techniques and mindset, and its ROI.
  2. HCD hands-on: Learn rapid field studies, prototyping, and user testing techniques. 
  3. Manager, an Outside-In Design, profess: Learn to build Outside-In Design organizations, aligning your framework with the principles of HCD for effective experiences.
  4. Extend your reach: How to use HCD to boost UX maturity and build a UX culture. Learn how to leverage Service Design, Inclusive Design, and Emotion Design to create better products, services, and experiences.  

Course Format: In this course, you will work with peers in groups to conduct the HCD techniques on an actual product or service experience. Participants will engage in practical exercises that simulate real-world scenarios. The course also incorporates interactive online resources and tools to facilitate remote collaboration.

  1. Human Centered Design: What it looks like from start-ups to enterprises.
  2. Business benefits of Human Centered Design
  3. How to build Outside-In Design organizations
  4. HCD core phases: Playing the ‘Team Sport’
  5. Increasing UX Maturity with HCD, Service Design and Inclusive Design
  6. First steps: Where to begin? (Even if you do UX Design today)
  7. Q & A
Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand Human-centered Design: Understand the core techniques and how to get the most from HCD methodology for improving your ROI.
  2. Conduct HCD activities: Conduct Ethnographic field study user interviews, rapid prototyping sessions, and user testing. We will cover Lean UX approaches for Agile environments.
  3. Stakeholder engagement: Build a collaboration practice and Outside-In Design org for managing and streamlining stakeholder input.

Essential Details
  • 9 hours (over 3 days).
  • Online (or in-person).
  • Customized with your interfaces/ challenges.
  • Up to 99 people (online) or 25 in-person.
Who Should Take This Course

This course is for any internal stakeholder who needs to learn about UX methodology in order to work better with UX process.

  • UX team
  • Business Leaders
  • Product Managers
  • IT Leaders



What our Students Say

Frank Spillers was very well prepared and the materials were great! Very engaging facilitator.
Kaya C., -Product Designer
Gave a much better understanding and appreciation of what our UX really does, or should be doing. We will be better able to collaborate with them going forward.
Darren G., Developer
I wasn’t sure if this training was for me. However, it was worth the investment in time because it was super practical and not only gave me a refresher but polished some of my skills too. 
-Teresa K., UX Researcher

About Your Trainer

Frank Spillers

CEO and Master UX Trainer @ Experience Dynamics

Frank Spillers is the founder of Experience Dynamics, a leading UX consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients around the world. For 25 years, Frank has been an internationally respected speaker, author, UX Leader, and Inclusive Design educator. He is a world expert in improving the design and user experience of products, experiences, and services. He leads consulting projects at Experience Dynamics as well as teaching monthly at his UX Inner Circle and with the Interaction Design Foundation, the largest design school. 

Frank Spillers

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Human Centered Design Training

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