Centering disability rights worldwide

A new multi-lingual site promoting disability rights, wins best non-profit PR award

The Story

The US Department of State was interested in promoting disability rights outside the United States with the success of the Americans with Disability Rights act. A grant was awarded to Mobility International USA, a disability rights group based in Eugene, Oregon. Experience Dynamics had assisted MIUSA in the past with usability and accessibility testing, so they turned to Experience Dynamics for help specifying the user experience strategy and developing and launching the website.

MIUSA was looking for a website that would outlive the grant-funded period and that disability rights groups would uphold as a valuable resource as we advance.

The Challenge​

The ADA is upheld globally as an example of best practice legislation for inclusiveness. However for a website to not “feel American” it had to not only be easy to use, but also speak to the unique conditions of disability rights legislation in Mexico, Kenya, Vietnam and Armenia. The site would also contain content in those languages, so the site had to be multi-lingual.

To complicate matters, the website had to be responsive (mobile adaptable) as well as work under low-bandwidth conditions in the developing world.

The Execution

Using our proven User Centered Design process, we created iterations of wireframe designs that captured the core vision, values and requirements for the site. In addition, the ideas that came out of the collaborative design workshop were included.

Next, once consensus was reached internally, we created a clickable prototype–using sample content that would give a realistic feel to the site.

We created infographics (large visual images) illustrating the state of disability legislation in the 4 target countries (USA, Mexico, Kenya, Vietnam and Armenia). We created content engagement mechanisms like “Share your strategy” as a way for users to share their practical best practices, one of the goals of the site. Principles of Inclusiveness with the philosophy and a concrete example helped illustrate best practices.

The next step would be to conduct usability and accessibility testing—since disabled users were the target recipients of the disability rights best practices.

Experience Dynamics conducted accessibility testing with users with disabilities in Armenia, Vietnam, and the USA. The site feedback was used to validate and polish concepts, navigation, and content. Next, the site’s visual design and web development began.

The Result

Above: Final design for the site from Experience Dynamics.

Feedback from the user testing and initial disability groups has been highly positive. Users love the site. Shortly after launch, the Global Disability Rights Now! website, designed and developed by Experience Dynamics, won PR Daily’s Nonprofit PR Awards. View the press release… The Zero Project also awarded it as an innovative practice.

Visit the Global Disability Rights Now! website

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