Empowering Global Disability Advocacy for Women

The Story

Women Enabled International (WEI) envisions a world where women and girls with disabilities claim human rights, act in solidarity, and lead self-determined lives. It advances human rights at the intersection of gender and disability to respond to the lived experiences of women and girls with disabilities, promote inclusion and participation, and achieve transformative equality.

WEI was looking for a transformational redesign of its digital narrative and identity that resonated with its global mission. WEI recognized the power of an inclusive and impactful digital presence and embarked on a transformative journey to revamp its website. It sought out Experience Dynamics, with our track record in Impact Consulting to help lead the over two decades old website transformation.

The Challenge​

The challenge extended beyond a mere aesthetic redesign. WEI aimed to craft a digital space that exemplified their ethos and empowered diverse audiences, including UN members, activists, experts, and donors, to access vital resources and thought leadership seamlessly. The challenge was to encapsulate the breadth of WEI’s contributions while creating a streamlined user experience that harnessed non-profit website patterns for enhanced engagement. The site had to be accessible and equally empowering to these diverse audiences (eg donors, lawyers, and women’s projects in the Global South).


The Turning Point​

To begin with, Experience Dynamics interviewed feminist leaders and disability rights activists in the Global South. By getting the voices of the audience most impacted by WEI’s advocacy work, we could frame the redesign from the user’s perspective, not that of the organization- a common mistake in both corporate and nonprofit redesigns. This marked the turning point that would shape the website’s narrative, ensuring authenticity, inclusivity, and a deep resonance with the global mission.

Throughout the design phase, Experience Dynamics provided user advocacy and disability advocacy, keeping the team focused on layouts and design elements like infographics that helped improve accessibility and engagement while retaining the vision and values of WEI.

The Execution

  1. Immersive Interviews: Experience Dynamics conducted in-depth interviews, amplifying the voices of feminist leaders and disability rights activists. These insights shaped the website’s narrative, imbuing it with authenticity and global resonance.
  2. Collaborative Prototyping: A rapid prototyping approach infused life into the website’s concept. Collaborating closely with the WEI team, Experience Dynamics ensured that every iteration reflected the organization’s mission and rights-based ethos.
  3. Comprehensive UX and Visual Design: The website’s UX and visual design were meticulously crafted, capturing WEI’s essence while ensuring accessibility, branding coherence, and SEO optimization.
  4. Engagement-Centric Approach: Proven non-profit website patterns were employed, leveraging infographics, campaign-driven content presentation, and interactive elements to captivate diverse audiences.
  5. Development and Launch: The website transitioned from design to development, resulting in a platform seamlessly integrating user experience, visual aesthetics, and robust functionality. The launch marked a pivotal milestone in amplifying WEI’s global advocacy.

The Evidence

Experience Dynamics’ transformation of the WEI site brought it into the 21st century. See BEFORE and AFTER below. However, this went beyond visual aesthetics, as appealing as they can be, we knew it had to be emotionally compelling. Here we leveraged our Emotion Design strategy.  By working with WEI’s team, the new site was perfected allowing them to empower diverse audiences and drive global advocacy.


old WEI site webpage

The Result

The redesign of Women Enabled International’s website is a testament to the synergy between technology and advocacy. Experience Dynamics’ collaborative, disability-centric approach brought together a strategy that united WEI’s commitment to inclusivity, and engagement. This case study underscores the potential of digital spaces to amplify global movements, bridging gaps and fostering a connected world driven by shared visions of equality and empowerment.

Visit the live site www.womenenabled.org


new WEI webpage

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