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UX Master Practitioner certification

Course Description

The UX Master Practitioner certification program empowers participants to lead and scale UX projects across diverse team sizes, from solo endeavors to complex teams of 50+. This advanced program delves into cutting-edge User Research methodologies, equipping participants with a toolkit that includes Emotion Probes, Diaries, Participatory Design, Inclusion Interviewing, Insight Sprints, and Community-Centered Design Methods. Led by Master Trainer Frank Spillers, this program encompasses team management, advanced design processes, facilitation skills, cross-cultural design methods, inclusive design, and senior management engagement. Graduates will emerge as seasoned UX leaders capable of orchestrating transformative design experiences in any organizational context.

UX Master Practitioner certification Highlights:

  1. Scaling UX Projects: Learn how to adapt UX methodologies for teams of varying sizes, ensuring effective collaboration and project management. Gain insights into tailoring UX processes for both individual initiatives and large-scale team endeavors.

  2. Advanced User Research Methods: User Research is key to UX. Ready to learn advanced user research techniques? These include Emotion Probes, Diaries, Participatory Design, Inclusion Interviewing, Insight Sprints, and Community-Centered Design Methods. Acquire the skills to uncover deep user insights and drive innovation through diverse research methodologies.

  3. UX Management and cultural momentum: Explore strategies for building cultural momentum within UX teams. Learn how to effectively lead and manage UX practitioners, fostering a collaborative and innovative environment that propels UX excellence. Gain proficiency in managing design processes with precision. Understand the implementation of Design Systems, DesignOps, and ResearchOps for streamlined workflows and enhanced collaboration.

In addition, we will cover:

  1. Facilitation skills for successful workshops: Develop advanced facilitation skills to lead successful workshops, from Journey mapping to Service Blueprints. Learn how to guide teams through complex design exercises, ensuring productive outcomes and alignment.

  2. Orchestration of product-service systems: How to expand your understanding of Service Design with Systems Thinking. This will allow you to orchestrate seamless product-service systems that meet complex user needs across multiple touchpoints.

  3. Cross-Cultural design methods: Explore localization UX and cross-cultural design methods to create experiences that resonate with diverse user groups across global contexts.

  4. Inclusive Design and engaging Senior Management: Embrace the principles of Inclusive Design, ensuring your projects are accessible to all users. Learn how to engage senior management teams, convey the value of UX transformation, and advocate for Human-centered practices.

  5. Metrics dashboard and data-driven UX: Master the art of data-driven UX practices by managing a metrics dashboard. Learn how to use quantitative and qualitative insights to drive design decisions and continuous improvement.

Program Structure: The program combines interactive activities, immersive hands-on techniques, group discussions, and practical projects. Participants will engage in simulations of real-world design scenarios and receive ongoing mentorship to ensure continuous learning and skill development.


The UX Master Practitioner Certification will cover the following topics

  1. Scale your UX projects at any team level: teams of 1 to teams of 50+
  2. Master advanced User Research methods: Emotion Probes, Diaries, Participatory Design, Inclusion Interviewing, Insight Sprints, and Community-Centered Design Methods
  3. Managing UX teams: Building cultural momentum and practice
  4. Managing process: Design Systems, DesignOps, ResearchOps
  5. UX Facilitation skills- lead successful workshops from Journey mapping to Service Blueprints
  6. Learn ‘orchestration‘ of product-service systems (Service Design and Systems Thinking).
  7. Explore how to apply cross-cultural design methods (localization UX).
  8. Embrace Inclusive Design process, team, and asset alignment.
  9. Learn to engage Senior Management teams in UX transformation.
  10. Manage metrics dashboard and data-driven UX practices
Learning Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Utilize Quick Reference and Checklist Guides to proficiently manage UX projects and teams proficiently, ensuring smooth execution and alignment with best practices.
  2. Apply Service Design, Emotion Design, Inclusive Design, and Cross-Cultural Design innovations to maximize business value in any design project, effectively addressing diverse user needs and expectations.
  3. Develop scorecards and metrics tracking systems to measure emotional value, service quality, and product experience metrics, enabling evidence-based design decisions.
  4. Create five mentored portfolio projects over one year, showcasing advanced skills in HCD, User Research, UX Design, and a choice of Inclusive Design or Service Design.

Essential Details
  • Certification total $3900 including one-year UX Inner Circle membership ($1,200 value) and Exam fee ($450 value).
  • 60  hours (over 15 days- can be split over 1-2 months) + 1-year mentored Portfolio projects so you can have a supported learning experience over time with missions and check-ins.
  • Up to 10 people online or in person.

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Lead Trainer: The program will be led by Frank Spillers, a distinguished Master Trainer with extensive experience in UX Design, User Research, and Service Design. Frank’s mentorship and guidance will provide participants with invaluable insights into mastering the art of human-centered design. You will get 1:1 personalized coaching, hands-on learning, and practical applied activities to demonstrate new skill learning.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is for anyone UX team member who wants to advance their UX skills within a structured certification program.

  • UX teams
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Managers


Practitioner Certification or 3+ years in the UX field

What our Students Say

This program promises a lot…and delivers! I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve been in the UX field for four years and have practiced what I thought were UX techniques. I learned so many new ways to approach challenges and manage my organization—highly valuable, a sound investment of my time. 
Terry S, UX Manager
I wasn’t sure if i needed this as a UX Lead. But i was wrong! The up-skilling i got was very valuable to me. I like how it was not just the skills but also UX management, an important topic i have been learning from Frank already in another course. Having Frank Spillers mentoring you directly is priceless. He has so much experience and makes learning from him so easy and fun. I enjoyed every minute of this experience. It is a big commitment but i highly recommend to anyone who wants to grow their credentials.
Pat L, UX Lead

About Your Trainer

Frank Spillers

CEO and Master UX Trainer @ Experience Dynamics

Frank Spillers is the founder of Experience Dynamics, a leading UX consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients around the world. For 25 years, Frank has been an internationally respected speaker, author, UX Leader, and Inclusive Design educator. He is a world expert in improving the design and user experience of products, experiences, and services. He leads consulting projects at Experience Dynamics as well as teaching monthly at his UX Inner Circle and with the Interaction Design Foundation, the largest design school. 

Frank Spillers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course online only?
For individuals this is an online program. For teams it is hybrid online and in-person.
Can I pay for the program in installments?
Yes, you can pay 50% at start and 50% upon completion.
Do I need the UX Practitioner certification to do this one?
No but some experience in UX is required.

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