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Frank Spillers, MS, is one of the world’s most in-demand UX consultants. His training has benefited over 200 teams and 110,000 students globally. From his early work with Virtual Reality in the mid-1990s, Frank has focused on the emotional impact and value of good user experience. Having founded Experience Dynamics, a leading consulting firm in 2001, Frank has led engagements with Nike, Intel, Microsoft, City of New York, Johnson and Johnson, Global Disability Rights Now!, Four Seasons, Capital One, World Bank, Women Enabled International, and many more. His work has lifted conversion rates by 88% and enhanced revenue by 300%.

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asian woman deonstrates social bonding body language one of five elements of sociability UX.jpg

Five elements of sociability UX

Summary: The five elements of sociability UX include social navigation, social identity, social bonding, social task support, and social translucence. Designing for a broad range

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Energy efficiency mobile app for sustainable service design

Sustainable Service Design

Summary: To help solve climate goals, we can lean into Service Design with its core solution-agnostic approach. This approach evokes hidden ecosystem resources and opportunities, helping

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Asian businesswoman throws hands up at meeting

What is Stakeholder Mapping?

Summary: In Service Design and Inclusive Design, stakeholder mapping is pivotal in achieving internal collaboration and buy-in. With a clear understanding of stakeholders and their

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