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Frank Spillers, MS, is founder of Experience Dynamics, a leading UX and Service Design consultancy. Frank is one of the world’s most in-demand UX consultants. He’s an Inclusive Design evangelist, and expert in Accessibility, Emotion Design, VR/AR, Cross-cultural Design and UX Management. Frank brings 25 years experience as a Sr UX Director and Service Design leader. He has lifted conversion rates by 88% and enhanced revenue by 300% for firms like Nike, Intel, Microsoft, City of New York, Johnson and Johnson, Global Disability Rights Now!, Four Seasons, Capital One, World Bank, Women Enabled International, and many more.

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UX designer with Unicorn Mask raises a fist

Downsides of a UX Unicorn

Summary: The downsides of a ‘UX Unicorn’ phenomenon sheds light on why it is both an unattainable myth and a potentially harmful mindset. Specialization is

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two indian men demonstrate what is sociability with namaste greetings

What is Sociability?

Summary: What is sociability? Sociability describes social interaction and social behavior offline to online (Web, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, AR/VR, and communities as well as

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diverse colleagues stop to discuss inclusive design

What is Inclusive Design?

Inclusive Design means reflecting an understanding in your design of specific aspects, histories, and lived experiences of individuals and communities with overlapping identities (eg. multi-race

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A user stares into the distance with user led transformation

What is User-led Transformation?

 Summary: What is User-led Transformation? A deliberate strategy for deriving organizational and business value from UX efforts. It means being data-driven and user-focused while creating

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Shot of a Floor-Standing LCD Touch touchpoint in service design

What are Touchpoints?

Summary: Touchpoints are interactions where customers, employees, and the brand intersect. They offer a purpose to guide, inform, nudge, or enable a customer or employee

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what is interaction design mockups.jpg

What is Interaction Design?

Summary: It’s a UX technique for specifying the underlying system and user interactions that occur during task completion.  Interactions are based on personas and customer

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