WEBINAR: Desirability First: Understanding customer value, insights and opportunities

In the quest for exceptional UX, many engineering, marketing, and business teams often overlook one key factor: understanding customer value. While some focus on creating a minimum viable product (MVP) based on internal priorities, and others rely on market research and customer feedback, both miss a important innovation in UX methodology.

At its core, UX can be dissected into two fundamental aspects: “Ease of use” versus “Do I even want your feature?” While teams commonly prioritize ease of use to reduce complexity, there is a more crucial element that determines success—desirability. Ask yourself, “Are you truly solving your core customer problems?”

In this webinar, we will guide you through adopting a Desirability First approach for your UX efforts. Learn how this essential aspect of your UX/UI process holds the key to business and design innovation. In addition, gain invaluable insights into the single most important element of your UX strategy and discover how to infuse tangible business value into your user research.

By the end of this webinar, you will possess the tools and knowledge necessary to truly understand customer value. Learn how to ground your UX endeavors in the principles of desirability, ensuring your features and designs meet the wants of your target audience. Understanding customer value will lead you to a customer-centric approach that guarantees exceptional user experiences and significant business growth.



Topics we will cover in this webinar:

  1. What is Desirability First?
  2. Bridging the UX Gap: the two (very distinct) sides of UX
  3. The 3 fallacies of Lean UX Design: Personas; MVP’s; User Testing
  4. How BA’s, Product Managers, Devs and Business teams benefit
  5. Case studies- Realizing ROI from a Desirability First approach to UX

Who should attend: 

Design Managers, Product Leaders, UX Management, Development and Technology managers, UX leads, UX Designers trying to educate management!


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