WEBINAR: Advancing your Journey Mapping process- How to manage the journey mapping process

Building on part 1 (How to map out the user journey), this webinar focuses on advancing your journey mapping process.

Journey Mapping provides an opportunity to bring your organization together around a shared understanding of how a customer interacts with your product or service across time. Organizational participation is critical to gaining good return-on-investment from the journey mapping process. In this webinar, we will cover the strategic organizational aspects of journey mapping including how to improve how you conduct journey mapping with your team, as well as how to manage the results and effort of a journey map.

Who should attend: Product, UX Designers, Service Designers or teams working on CX, UX or Digital Transformations.  If you need to know how to create a journey map easily and quickly, or are trying to improve your current journey mapping process, this webinar is for you. Join me in advancing your journey mapping process.

When? APRIL 8th 2020 at 7:00AM-7:45AM PST; 10AM EST (GMT -8)

Format: Online webinar


1. Preparing your journey mapping team

2. Journey mapping ROI- getting your org on board

3. Process problems and hacks

4. Measuring journey mapping success in CX/UX and Service Design

5. Q&A

Also see Part 1: Essentials of Journey Mapping- How to map out the user journey.

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