UX maturity through User Research

UX maturity through User Research

How to gain UX maturity through User Research? User Research is possibly one of the most essential types of activities your organization carries out. By conducting user research, design teams can gather valuable insights that inform the entire product development lifecycle, resulting in better user experiences and more successful products. Beyond improving a product or service, User Research improves decision-making and accelerates UX maturity.

User research is the technique that brings us insights that challenge our assumptions. Assumptions include our internal assumptions about our users, features, our business needs, and the product or service itself. Anything that challenges assumptions– is an opportunity to be enlightened, inspired, and gain confidence in your decision-making.

At Experience Dynamics we have analyzed hundreds of projects, and noticed, consistent with industry research, that organizations doing user research are able to have better outcomes with UX work. On our projects, when we did user research, we were able to see dramatic improvements. In one case our clients made adjustments to a website and within 30 days saw an increase of 83% in conversion.

User Research gives designers super-powers

Through the power of user research, a UX designer becomes smarter. Without the guidance from user’s actual experience and context of use, the contrast in design solutions is striking. As a designer, with user research, you know exactly what to do, combining empathy, insight, and context of use. So user research is essential, and what the research shows is that organizations that do user research improve UX maturity.

What we will cover in this Masterclass

So User Research is essential in terms of your excellence and ability to pivot, perform, and scale your UX efforts. In this Masterclass, we’re going to learn all about user research with an emphasis on how to do it, more often and cheaply without spending a fortune, and without making it a big event. Frank Spillers will cover Ethnography, Diary Studies, User Interviews, and Contextual research, as well as how to gain the most organizational impact. Whether online or in person, User Research is the starting point for strong UX maturity.

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