The Street to Your Roadmap

User Research Includes:

  • UX Research for improving products & services
  • User testing; User Interviews & observations; Ethnography and more
  • Insights & Design Recommendations

Ideal For:

  • Any sized project or Org
  • Defining your UX strategy
  • Figuring out what your users really need
  • Igniting your Org around user insights

From 'the Street to your roadmap' refers to bringing right problem definition from data observed in user environments (at home and work). This data informs your decisions and leads to more realistic and successful design decisions. It fights assumption by bringing evidence of user behavior, motivations, goals and more.

User Research- Why you need to avoid guessing.

Highlights for User Research


The Power of Rapid Ethnography is in its potential to quickly help you understand your user’s problem space. Before jumping to solutions, understanding the problems they are trying to solve, the context of use, and the artifacts they employ can help you make better design decisions.

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Diary studies are a powerful technique in UX. They also need an adjustment to work properly due to their self-report nature. 

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Hint: User Research was a huge part of it. Read the case study


Empowering global disability advocacy for women

Experience Dynamics’ collaborative, disability-centric approach brought together a strategy that united WEI’s commitment to inclusivity, and engagement.  Read the case study

Key Distinction

Market Research + UX Research = NOT the same

Many organizations and individuals continue to equate or substitute market research for usability research. UX and marketing or brand insights are completely different and should be considered as such. UX research is behavior-driven, while market research is opinion-driven. Therefore, market research is not appropriate as a way to gain insight into user behavior. 

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Ethnography Methods Training Ethnography is a core UX activity– necessary for understanding user context, culture, and needs. Even more important than usability, understanding user desirability. Check out the Ethnography training…

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