Usability testing

Watch your users stress-test your design.

“Two distinct advantages to formal testing: it provides feedback for site development, and it is an educational opportunity for designers and engineers, allowing them to see firsthand the decision-making process of an average site visitor”
–Jupiter Research.

Unlike a focus group which elicits group opinions, usability testing gives you individual behavioral feedback. The difference is key: users interact with designs on their own, not in a group. How users behave with your design is more important than what they think of it.

Usability Testing 


An industry standard approach to assessing usability (ease of use and ease of learning). Consists of 1:1 interviews with users. Observe users as they use your product to determine errors, issues and opportunities. 


  • Get feedback directly from your users.
  • Get validation on your design.
  • Understand user behavior.
  • Measure your User Experience and task success- the #1 metric.
  • Pinpoint confusions, frustrations, errors.
  • Optimize conversion and user adoption.

Methods we use: 

Lab based usability testing; Portable usability testing; online user testing. 


Usability test report. Includes design recommendations.