Why Service Design is Vital to UX efforts

Why Service Design is Vital to UX Efforts

Summary: Service Design brings together new innovation opportunities for UX teams to upgrade their UX and Customer Experience (CX) methodologies by leveraging these best practices. Service Designers offer a new role and view of service delivery problems and opportunities. In this webinar we will learn how omnichannel experiences and essential delivery of services can be improved while realizing value across the organization with positive benefits to both UX and CX efforts.


  • Service Design
  • UX Enhancement
  • Customer Experience
  • Innovation
  • Best Practices
  • Omnichannel
  • Organizational Value

Agenda: Why Service Design is Vital to UX Efforts

  1. Service Design vs UX Design
    • Examine the distinctions and overlaps between Service Design and UX Design, shedding light on their complementary roles.
  2. How Service Design Works
    • Dive into the mechanics and principles driving effective Service Design practices.
  3. Starting Your Service Design Process
    • Gain practical insights into initiating and integrating Service Design into your workflow.
  4. Building Team and Organizational Momentum
    • Learn strategies to foster enthusiasm and garner support for Service Design within your organization.
  5. Q & A
    • Engage in an interactive session where you can have your questions addressed by our panel of experts.

Key Takeaways: Participating in this webinar will equip you with actionable insights, including:

  • A clear understanding of the differences between Service Design and UX Design.
  • Knowledge of how to initiate your Service Design journey effectively.
  • Strategies for gaining support and driving change within your organization.
  • A unique opportunity to have your burning questions answered by industry experts.

Who Should Attend: This webinar is tailored for professionals and teams involved in UX, CX, product development, and innovation, including:

  • UX Designers and Researchers
  • CX Professionals
  • Product Managers
  • Innovation Leaders
  • Design Enthusiasts
  • Anyone looking to enhance their organization’s service delivery

Join us as we explore the critical connection between Service Design and UX, and learn how to harness this link for success. Secure your spot today by registering!

About your Speaker:
Frank Spillers is the founder and Chief Experience Officer of Experience Dynamics, a leading UX consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients around the world. For over 20 years, Frank has been an internationally respected speaker, author, Senior UX practitioner, and UX Master Trainer. He is a world expert in improving the design and user experience of websites, web applications, VR/AR and mobile apps and services.

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Why Service Design is Vital to UX efforts

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