Sustainability Role for UX Designers

sustainability challenges Frank Spillers webinar

Summary: In this webinar, we discuss the role UX and Service Designers can play to help solve sustainability challenges. The results of a US-based home energy ethnographic field study show concrete ways designers can make a difference in consumer adoption.

Sustainability role for UX Designers- recording

How UX Designers can help solve Sustainability Challenges webinar covers:

The Pivotal Role of UX Designers in Advancing Sustainability

This thought-provoking webinar delves deep into the symbiotic relationship between User Experience (UX) Design and sustainability, or sustainability design. As our planet grapples with pressing environmental challenges, it is imperative for professionals from diverse fields to come together and find innovative solutions. This webinar explores the pivotal role UX Designers can play in mitigating these challenges and positively impacting society and the environment. Join us as we discover how UX Designers can be key agents of change in building a more sustainable future.

Understanding Sustainability and UX Design

To kick off this webinar, we lay the foundation by defining the concepts of sustainability and UX and Service Design. We delve into sustainability principles, including environmental, social, and economic dimensions, and explore how these align with the principles of UX and Service Design. This webinar highlights how UX Designers can integrate sustainability into their work and the broader design process.

Identifying Sustainability leverage points

Next, we examine one of our planet’s most critical sustainability challenges today: energy savings. The focus on energy is getting users to conserve energy at home using smart thermostats. Frank Spillers (CEO of Experience Dynamics) will shed light on how UX and Service Designers can identify system thinking challenges and design solutions that holistically address the needs of both users and the environment.

Drawing inspiration from a real-life User Research study conducted for Frank Spillers’ UX Inner Circle, this webinar discusses Service Design strategies that promote sustainability. We explore how UX Designers can incorporate ‘green nudges’ into design solutions to gain better user adoption.

Join us for this inspiring webinar that reimagines the role of UX Designers as sustainability advocates. Together, we will explore the potential of UX and Service design to contribute meaningfully to a more sustainable and equitable world. Register now!

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Sustainability Role for UX Designers

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