Experience Dynamics named Best User Experience Designer Agency for 2021

Jan. 6th 2021, Portland, Ore.

Experience Dynamics named by Digital.com as one of a shortlist of best User Experience Designer agencies for 2021. The top firms were selected based on core service offerings and customer feedback. 

Experience Dynamics and other agencies were required to offer multiple service lines, such as mobile applications, product design, branding and UX strategy. The study also examined service providers with a portfolio of recognized brands from a broad range of industries. Experts at Digital.com reviewed large firms that can meet deliverables within a limited timeframe and smaller agencies that provide personalized services and flexibility.

"We are happy to celebrate this award and for the recognition", said Frank Spillers, Founder of Experience Dynamics. Experience Dynamics has been providing exceptional consulting services to Enterprise, B2B/B2C, and government/non-profits for two decades. In addition to UX Design consulting, "We have been quietly training the next generation of UX Designers, Product Designers, UX Writers and Front-end Developers in mobile, desktop, AR/VR through our partnership with the Interaction Design Foundation", Spillers said. To date, Experience Dynamics UX training is being taken by 70,000 UX Designers and organizations globally.