Getting Journey Mapping & Personas right

3 hours-(group activities, 1:1 access to Frank Spillers)

DATE/TIME:  February 24th 2021 at 2:00 PM UTC; 6:30 PM IST; 6:00 AM PST; 9:00 AM EST

Format: Zoom


Journey mapping and personas are core to UX work. This is the reason getting Journey Mapping and Personas right is critical. In this MasterClass, Frank Spillers will cover tested tips and techniques on how to develop more functional, accurate, and valuable journey maps and personas.

Journey Maps and Personas sit underneath all product and service design strategy. They are vital to good design decision-making and to building organizational momentum toward a culture of Outside-In Design. Here’s why good personas and journey maps have an organizational impact: they can dismantle the culture of assumption that goes into most product and service design processes. To aid in your learning, Frank will share many examples where personas were rejected, accepted, and where they transformed organizational UX maturity and momentum.

Customer Journey Mapping and Personas are a regular deliverable used by UX practitioners. To get your journey maps and personas right, you need user data or evidence from Field Studies. What this means is, how you create them and how you use them determines your success levels with evidence-based UX decisions. This is why getting journey mapping and personas right is key.

Getting Journey Mapping and Personas right

In this MasterClass, we will get to the bottom of tried and tested techniques for developing Journey Maps and Personas. To begin Frank will discuss essential lessons from dozens of projects and over two decades of learning how to get these techniques right. Next, he will cover Lean UX research methods for “light and fast” online User Research. In this masterclass, you will learn how to tune your journey mapping and persona deliverables to yield clearer insights and more impactful decisions among your stakeholders.

About Monthly MasterClasses:

These monthly meet-ups are topic-driven live events with an informal presentation by Frank Spillers and group activities and discussion. Your membership includes monthly MasterClasses. They allow a deep dive into important UX topics, with Frank’s insights into best practices and case studies drawn from two decades in the field.


VALUE of $100 (3 hour live session)…Join the UX Inner Circle to get this and enjoy access to $10,385 worth of value- recording trainings from 20 years of Frank Spillers’s work.


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