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Inclusive Design Training

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Inclusive Design Training

Inclusive Design is a powerful approach that celebrates access to all. This is achieved by deliberately adjusting and adapting to the needs of underrepresented communities and users. Inclusive Design fosters an environment where individuals can interact, participate, and engage with products, services, and experiences without barriers. However, true inclusion is not achieved by treating it as an optional add-on or a separate DEIB initiative. Instead, it should be an intrinsic aspect of your design and development process.

This comprehensive training empowers you to understand the principles and practices of Inclusive Design and implement them as a default in your projects. This workshop helps you make inclusion a default in your product development process. Learn to put a bias-informed approach at the heart of your work from conception to delivery, from ideation to post-launch evaluation.

Course Highlights:

  • What is Inclusive Design? We start by building a strong foundation of understanding the core principles of Inclusive Design. You’ll explore the key concepts, principles, and their impact on your target audience. This includes those with diverse abilities, cultural backgrounds, and experiences.

  • Identifying underrepresented communities: Learn how to identify underrepresented communities and users, gaining insights into their unique challenges, needs, and expectations. Uncover the importance of conducting user research beyond conventional demographics and embracing an intersectional approach to recruiting and designing for your users.

  • Integrating inclusivity from the start: Discover the significance of integrating inclusivity into the earliest stages of the design and development process. Learn how to de-bug bias and create more equitable and ethical experiences. 

  • Inclusive prototyping and User Testing: Learn how to develop inclusive prototypes and conduct user testing with diverse participants. You’ll understand the importance of soliciting feedback from users with different abilities and backgrounds to refine and optimize your designs.
  • Cultivating an Inclusive Design culture: Understand the role of organizational culture in fostering inclusivity. Learn how to advocate for Inclusive Design across teams, departments, and leadership levels, making it an integral part of your organization’s ethos.
  • Ethics and inclusivity: Explore the ethical implications of design choices and the responsibility of designers in creating inclusive products and services. You’ll gain insights into the potential consequences of exclusive design and how to avoid common pitfalls.


    Inclusive Design is not just a buzzword but a fundamental shift in how we approach design and development. By taking this course, you will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to make inclusivity a default in your design and development process. Embracing Inclusive Design not only enhances the usability and accessibility of your products and services but also contributes to a more equitable and compassionate world. Enroll now and make a difference in your industry!

    Topics we will cover:

    1. Why Inclusive Design? Establishing the business case.
    2. How to conduct an Inclusive Design audit.
    3. Inclusive design systems: assets, algorithms & decision trees.
    4. How and why to reach underrepresented user groups: people of color, women, disability, LGBTQ+, aging, socio-economic status and more.
    5. Conducting User Research with underrepresented populations.
    6. Managing Inclusive Design maturity.


    Learning Objectives

    By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

    1. Understand why Inclusive Design is critical to innovation and DEI strategy: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and concepts of Inclusive Design. Learn why inclusivity is essential in design and its positive impact on underrepresented communities and users.
    2. Conduct inclusive design audits on any interface or design/ product issue. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and concepts of Inclusive Design. Learn why inclusivity is essential in design and its positive impact on underrepresented communities and users.
    3. Tackle systemic exclusion and implicit bias within teams and design decisions. Develop the ability to identify underrepresented communities and understand their unique needs, challenges, and preferences. Learn how to conduct user research that goes beyond traditional demographics.
    4. Develop Inclusive Design as an organization-wide strategy. Learn how to integrate inclusivity from the start of the design and development process. Acquire effective ideation techniques that consider diverse perspectives.

    Essential Details
    • 4 hours
    • Online (or in-person).
    • Customized with your interfaces/ challenges.
    • Up to 100 people (online) or 25 in-person.
    Who Should Take This Course

    This course is for all internal stakeholders who are part of or are starting an Inclusive Design or Equity effort.

    • UX team
    • Management
    • Product team
    • Developers



    What our Students Say

    A game changer in how we will be approaching our inclusive design effots- thanks you!
    Erin L, Developer
    This course gave me a much deeper understanding of inclusion and what it means in product design. Our team will only benefit from strengthening our process and this course really helped us “see the light”
    Tina G, UX manager

    About Your Trainer

    Frank Spillers

    CEO and Master UX Trainer @ Experience Dynamics

    Frank Spillers is the founder of Experience Dynamics, a leading UX consulting firm with Fortune 500 clients around the world. For 25 years, Frank has been an internationally respected speaker, author, UX Leader, and Inclusive Design educator. He is a world expert in improving the design and user experience of products, experiences, and services. He leads consulting projects at Experience Dynamics as well as teaching monthly at his UX Inner Circle and with the Interaction Design Foundation, the largest design school. 

    Frank Spillers

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    Inclusive Design Training

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