Stat!Ref redesign

Retaining leadership and retention through ease of use

The Story

Stat!Ref is the premier healthcare e-source serving nurses, doctors and all healthcare providers.

Stat!Ref presents a wide breadth of knowledge at the providers’ finger tips so they can easily search and find the resources they need. Stat!Ref had built trust and reputation in a competitive space and were ready to take their user experience to the next level, while maintaining their market share. This meant building a search experience that would be unrivaled and give them a competitive advantage.

The Challenge

The main challenges here were to build a search function that met the needs of a variety of audiences, organized the information in a way that was functional and built loyalty through ease of use.

Not to mention, taking in consideration IT access, monitor size and the use environment.

The Strategy

The Experience Dynamics team knew right away that the strategy had to start with field studies.

We had to understand how and where the users were engaging with the product and the types of searches they were conducting. Additionally, understanding how they were using this information to carry out their work was going to be a key to search success.

Teton UX project

The Turning Point

To this point, the only product feedback that was available came from the product sales team.

Our field studies helped to uncover how users were truly engaging with the product, what they relied on and the features they needed the most. This change in perspective and true user feedback provided Experience Dynamics and Stat! Ref with an important turning point.

The Execution

Now armed with clear user feedback, Experience Dynamics was able to translate the user pain points into the interface design.

This meant that Stat! Ref now had an interface and search functionality that was specifically built to meet their market’s needs.
In addition to meeting their users’ needs, the interface met the database architecture constraints, making user-focused interface that was also fully implementable inside their organization.

Group 38867

Experience Dynamics helped turn our flagship
product into one of the easiest to use in our
industry. Our customers still praise the UI five
years later.

Group 37728
-Joe Maxwell,

Technology Leader, Teton Data Systems- makers of STAT!Ref

Teton UX project UI

The Result

The results mirrored the project goals exactly, we were able to increase ease of use by 120%, providing Stat!Ref with a product that they could confidently and successfully launch to their users. Meanwhile, the Stat! Ref leadership team saw a smooth transition from development to adoption, cutting down on inefficiencies and users complaints, by elimination any glitches, bugs, UI issues or usability frustrations.

Years later the ease of use of StatRef! has been praised by key users like Medical Librarians nationwide. 

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