Sage- Getting the right
data in hand at the
construction site

The Story

Sage is a large multinational software provider that builds solutions
for accounting, HR, banking and operations for large construction

This SaaS product focused on helping managers in the field as they navigate job sites with
tablets in hand. Distraction, interruption, and focus are all at play. Critical was to show the right data without unnecessary features or content. Since Sage had previously developed desktop software for this audience, this was a new play (an iPad) and data delivered via the Cloud. 

The Challenge 

Sage came to Experience Dynamics looking to make using the SaaS
product easier to use and more intuitive for the end user.

The challenge was to help Sage de-risk the release. With weeks to launch, the best approach was to conduct a comprehensive expert review to uncover known UI issues, and problem areas that blocked support of user tasks. Was the data supporting user goals?; Would displays work within the context of a (construction) job site?

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The Strategy

The strategy for this project was to focus on the use context.

For project managers who were using the product in the field, it needed to be simple, intuitive and convenient for their needs. This meant focusing on notifications, navigation and reports – all things that needed to be easy to access and simple to use.

The Turning Point

Identifying cluttered screen layouts, and icons requiring lots of squinting and interpreting and having tasks front and center.

Users needed the tablet data to be glanceable and available “on the go”. This meant that any distracting icons or information not relevant to the problem they were solving on that screen needed to go.  

The Execution

The execution took shape in a thorough and well-thought out expert report.

Our goal was to help the Sage team gain an outside, user-focused perspective. We were able to present findings and recommendations based on best practices, industry experience and user behavior. This helped to guide the Sage development team as the built out the next release of the product.



Group 38867

Experience Dynamics saved us from going live with a confusing UI. Not only was the
expert guidance practical, it was fast and spot on. We realized how thirsty we were for User
Experience expertise


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