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The Story

Rocky Mountain Health Plan, a leading healthcare provider, approached Experience Dynamics with a critical challenge. As the eve of Obamacare registration approached, they were determined to ensure that their members could easily navigate the complex process of selecting the right health plan from a multitude of confusing options. The urgency was clear: streamline the registration process and reduce user frustration.

The Challenge​

The primary challenge for Rocky Mountain Health Plan was the overwhelming number of health plan options available to its members. With the impending Obamacare registration deadline, it was crucial to simplify the process and make it user-friendly. The registration sign-up form alone had a staggering 54 identified errors, making it clear that immediate action was needed to mitigate potential issues that could deter users.

The Turning Point​

Experience Dynamics took a systematic approach to tackle this challenge. First, we conducted comprehensive usability testing. By recruiting health plan members and inviting them to a usability lab (a focus group room transformed into a usability lab), Rocky Mountain Health Plan could watch users perform key tasks in selecting and registering for healthcare.

This step was crucial to identifying pain points and areas of confusion within the registration process. The testing revealed that users were often overwhelmed by the sheer number of health plan options and struggled to find the one that best suited their needs.

The Execution

With the insights gained from usability testing, we collaborated closely with the Rocky Mountain Health Plan team to revamp their registration process. Our UX experts focused on simplifying the user journey and making it more intuitive. Key improvements included:

  1. Streamlined Plan Selection: We restructured the plan selection process to present options more clearly, using plain language and a more visual presentation, using tiles, to help users make informed choices.
  2. Error Reduction: Working closely with the development team, we provided wireframe and Visual Design mock-ups that removed the errors in the registration sign-up form, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  3. Visual Clarity: We optimized the design to improve readability and visual hierarchy, making it easier for users to navigate the registration process.
  4. Guidance and Assistance: We introduced on-screen tooltips and contextual help to assist users at critical decision points.

Next, we developed Interaction Design wireframes with optimal pathways based on the evidence gained from the user testing.

The Evidence

Users reported significantly reduced frustration and confusion. Task completion rates improved, with more users successfully signing up for the appropriate health plan on their first attempt. Additionally, the number of registration-related support inquiries dropped significantly, indicating a smoother user experience.

Finally, we developed Visual Design compositions based on the usability testing findings and Experience Dynamics wireframe mock-ups. The Visual Design comps gave developers a concise guide to the new visual changes to the interface, including plan choice tiles and a cleaned-up dashboard. See the Visual Design recommendations below.

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Experience Dynamics delivers such deep insight into my projects that I have used them for the last 10 years, at three different companies. When I need expert usability research, I always turn to them. -Wendy Pravda, Sr. Project Manager eHealth, Rocky Mountain Health Plans

The Result

Rocky Mountain Health Plan successfully navigated the challenging Obamacare registration period with a vastly improved user experience. The streamlined process and error-free registration form reduced user frustration and increased overall satisfaction. The healthcare provider saw a notable increase in successful sign-ups and decreased support costs, demonstrating the tangible benefits of investing in user experience.

By addressing the unique challenges presented by the complex healthcare registration process, Experience Dynamics helped Rocky Mountain Health Plan fulfill its mission of providing accessible and user-friendly healthcare services to its members. This case study underscores the value of user-centered design and its positive impact on critical registration processes.

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