By Frank Spillers

Essentials fo journey mapping course

Part 1 of a 2-part webinar on how to create a Journey Map, and how to manage the journey mapping process for improved success using the technique in your organization. 

Journey Mapping provides an opportunity to follow a customer across time, place and channel to understand what is broken about a product or service experience. Journey maps provide a central focus for teams to make critical decisions about UX design or CX experiences. In this webinar, we will cover user research, stakeholder engagement and learn how to run a workshop, create your journey map and learn how to leverage the journey mapping process for making strategic improvements to your design/ UI or service experience.

Who should attend: Product, UX Designers, Service Designers or teams working on CX, UX or Digital Transformations.  If you need to know how to create a journey map easily and quickly, or are trying to improve your current journey mapping process, this webinar is for you.

When? MARCH 31st 2020 at 7:00AM-7:45AM PST; 10AM EST (GMT -8)


Format: Online webinar


1. Preparing your journey map- vital inputs

2. Running the journey mapping workshop

3. How to visualize your journey map

4. Using your journey map for improved CX/UX

5. Q&A



Also see Part 2: Advancing your Journey Mapping process- How to manage the journey mapping process