webinar cover slide- desirability first

The holy grail of maximizing return on investment in UX is to understand customer value. Engineering teams often define MVP based on an internally focused set of priorities. Marketing and business teams often use market research to focus group customer perceptions. Both of these approaches miss a major innovation in UX methodology. 

If you dissect UX, it has two sides: “Ease of use” vs. “Do I even want your feature?”. Most teams chase ease of use, because it seems to be the goal of reducing complexity, and it is. However, desirability or, “Are you solving core customer problems?” is more important. 

In this webinar we will learn how to ground your UX efforts with a Desirability First approach. We will see how this essential aspect of your UX/UI process is critical to business and design innovation. We will discuss this single most important element of your UX strategy and how to bring tangible business value to your UX efforts from user research. 



Topics we will cover in this webinar:

  1. What is Desirability First?
  2. Bridging the UX Gap: the two (very distinct) sides of UX
  3. The 3 fallacies of Lean UX Design: Personas; MVP’s; User Testing
  4. How BA’s, Product Managers, Devs and Business teams benefit
  5. Case studies- Realizing ROI from a Desirability First approach to UX

Who should attend: Design Managers, Product Leaders, UX Management, Development and Technology managers, UX leads, UX Designers trying to educate management!