By Frank Spillers

Summary: [VIDEO] 30 min recording from the Experience Dynamics webinar "Mobile UX Design: Use this process to get differentiation right!". In this webinar, Frank Spillers reveals some essential UX process secrets to our award-winning strategy for designing the mobile app user experience. 

Fact: Uninstall is the default: The average mobile app retention rate is 20% after just 90 days (i.e. 80% stop using installed apps after 3 months) -Localytics (2016).

Most approaches to Mobile UX Design sucks! Mobile app retention rates are spiraling downwards. We maintain, this is because many mobile app ideas are typically invented from a good idea, a conversation or your product requirements...not from your users world. Next mobile app design is outsourced or drawn up by a skilled designer. The result? Looks amazing, but doesn't hit the spot.

Mobile's promise is for improved speed, improved efficiency, convenience and "just in time" access to content and tasks. But without a differentiated mobile UX strategy, your user's goals and your return on investment of mobile will be lost. 

Start-ups are notorious for generating ideas without validating with users. In Eric Ries' classic The Lean Startup talks about how he learned the lesson of 'no user validation'-- the hard way. In this webinar, we will show you the part Ries left out in his book and his process...

 For enterprise and mid-market companies, getting differentiation right is critical to realizing value from your mobile UX strategy. In this webinar, we will share Experience Dynamics approach and process for nailing the "killer app". We will show case studies of how user needs, mobile app features and alignment with user behavior and culture can dramatically boost adoption efforts and move your UX Design process forward in a healthy direction.  

Mobile UX Design: Use this process to get differentiation right!


1. Mobile UX Design: pitfalls and key lessons from Uninstall behavior.

2. The 3 keys to mobile differentiation: strategy and tactics for tackling mobile UX design challenges.

3. Case studies of how we transformed our approach to mobile UX strategy. 

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