Ecommerce usability best practices recording

Sumamry: Here's a 60 minute VIDEO RECORDING of a webinar from Frank Spillers, Chief Experience Officer at Experience Dynamics.

Keywords: Ecommerce usability: Ecommerce best practices; ecommerce UX; shopping cart abandonment; ecommerce social UX; mobile ecommerce; ecommerce content usability

What are known usability best practices for ecommerce? What has changed in ecommerce that you should be looking at? How does mobile play into ecommerce? What are common issues and mistakes that impact ecommerce user experience and bottom line conversions?


Ecommerce is changing for many and stagnating for others. A decade and a half into ecommerce, and usability issues that have plagued conversions still exist. Yet new innovations are being introduced to deal with pesky issues like shopping cart abandonment or weak conversions on product pages.

In this seminar we will look at 18 usability musts that comes from our own research, our client studies and industry best practices. We’ll cover some basics but look at them in a deeper way- from social shopping behavior to supporting the purchase decision process. In this seminar we will look at what’s hot and what prevents customers from converting. We will cover the importance of content, navigation, product page layouts, category pages and features that connect deeply with today’s shopper and tomorrow’s mobile commerce (m-commerce) future.


  1. Ecommerce today; Ecommerce tomorrow
  2. 18 usability musts for ecommerce
  3. Trends we think you should test
  4. Conversion optimization

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