By Frank Spillers

02-2011-January If you read nothing else on Demystifying Usability last year, read these top 3 blog posts from 2010...

UX blog post #1:These User Experience concepts I teach to my clients in in-house proprietary usability trainings:

5 Task-Centered Design Patterns Competitors are Employing to Out-gun Your Design

UX blog post #2: A popular question that I have had discussions with many UX and product managers across the globe:

5 Problems with Borrowing Design Ideas from Apple (and others)

UX blog post #3: And finally one of my favorites, and a key mantra to learning, designing user experience and using products: "if it ain't fun, we're not interested": (including the 3 enemies of fun)

The Science of Fun: How Fun Helps Improve Your Design

Have fun, don't copy from Apple that easily and use task-centered design judo to leap-frog your competitor's user experience.

Best wishes,
Frank Spillers, MS