By Frank Spillers

I'm happy to announce our new User Experience Calendar for 2011 is ready to ship!

The calendar sold out last year so we decided to re-run them this year but note we have printed a limited quantity. Priced at an affordable $12.95 to cover printing costs only. Get some UX inspiration on your desk!

About the UX calendar:

This 14 month calendar has a usability, interaction design or emotion design theme based on my work research and a dozen years of insights from working as a user experience consultant at Experience Dynamics.

The calendar is fun because you can rip out each month's visual and send it to someone as a postcard. The calendar sits on your desk and is recyclable! I love this calendar and had the last copy from 2010 on my desk all year.

What's included:

14 months with a short usability meditation for each month...

  • Stands up neatly on your desktop (physical calendar). See image...
  • Neat tear-out postcard you can mail to someone when your month is done.
  • 14 concepts from User Experience, Usability, Interaction Design and the latest research in Emotion Design.
  • Beautiful art work and lots of food for thought (monthly usability meditations).
  • Each month has notable dates (what you don't get on Outlook) so you can reference all the major holidays easily.
  • Space-saver: sits discreetly on your desktop (roughly 5.5 inches wide).
  • Contains the fun characters from the popular Importance of User Experience poster.
  • Evangelize usability, user experience, interaction design all year round!

Each month's usability meditation is based on a Usability technique (eg Personas) or concept (eg Mental Mapping), an Interaction Design technique (eg Progressive Disclosure) or a concept from Emotion Design (eg Pleasurability). You'll also notice new user experience phenomenon that deserves more attention (eg Sociability) and from my own research (eg Synch).

The calendar follows the fun illustrations used in the Importance of User Experience and the Importance of Web Application Usability posters. I created the concept and content and Ferenc Andahazy illustrated and designed the calendar. We followed the illustration style of Yahoo! Interaction Designer Bryce Glass since we love the personality in the illustrations he creates. Some of the illustrations are originals by Bryce, the rest are by Ferenc.

The calendar was a lot of fun to create and we hope it serves the purpose of bringing some cheer to your desk, some new insight to your user experience education and usability evangelism to your office!

p.s. You can view and download all the images from the 2011 UX Calendar here...

Best Wishes,
Frank Spillers MS