Here is a recording from a live usability seminar I gave a few weeks ago on the topic of emotion design and pleasurability. (Sign up at the bottom of that page to our usability research newsletter to be alerted to upcoming free usability seminars like this)...

In the age of the iPhone, emotion in design is heating up as a
competitive differentiator. Products that deliver a compelling and
elegant user experience are characterized by their ability to evoke and
sustain emotion
from the user.

This 40 minute seminar explores these key
: What is emotion design?; How does it differ from usability?;
and What aspects of emotion or pleasurability can be measured?

The seminar also covers the following questions:

How does emotion factor into user experience?; What is the impact of
emotion on product user experience?; How can websites and web
applications benefit from the latest insights in emotion design?; Is
emotion a separate metric or related to usability?; How are emotional
responses best measured?

Intro To Emotion Design- Pleasurability and Emotional Design- Experience Dynamics Web Seminar

Best Wishes,
Frank Spillers, MS