By Frank Spillers


In case you missed the big news in the last few weeks, there is a new anti-spam law that was enacted on January 1st 2004. The rules for sending email have changed. Marketing Sherpa has a good summary:

Update Memo: CAN-SPAM Good News & Bad,
Bad, Bad, Bad News

SUMMARY: We just spent two and a half hours quizzing the FTC's attorney on exactly how the new law affects emailers. Here's a quick, handy round-up for you:

Good news: It's fairly easy to comply with message content.

Bad News #1: It's hard to comply with opt-out rules. Welcome to suppression file hell...

Bad News #2: The law applies to more types of organizations and email than you think.

Bad News #3: There's no "grace period."

Bad News #4: And, almost anyone can sue you.

Read on... and then forward to your legal department:
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I don't know about you, but my spam hasn't reduced since the start of the year :-(

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