Behind the UX Inner Circle- New UX Training & Mentoring Community with Frank Spillers

Summary: Frank Spillers’ UX Inner Circle is a new UX training and mentoring community with access to monthly MasterClasses, Online Workshops, and a digital library of Frank’s past two decades of training topics ranging from Accessibility to Service Design, VR/AR UX Design, UX Management, and more.

Whether you are new to UX, changing jobs or roles, continuing your UX learning, or building a Center of Excellence…staying ahead of the curve is critical. Having a trusted and accessible guide to help you along the journey is also key. Frank Spillers has worked for hundreds of organizations over the years and lead UX teams across diverse and complex projects and challenges. He has been conducting UX training for over 20 years and has provided online UX training to over 50,000 students globally with his classes at the non-profit Interaction Design Foundation. 

What is included in the UX Inner Circle?

  • Digital library anytime access (100 training video content including full 6-hour courses on User Research, UI Design, User Testing, Mobile UX)
  • Online monthly workshops 
  • Monthly meet-ups (live MasterClasses) on hot topics (3 hours of interactive Zoom calls, you won’t be bored!)
  • 1:1 mentoring and personal access to Frank Spillers
  • Value of $10,385 of UX training… all for just $99 USD per month. Discounted rate 50%, Team rate $349 for 4 members. 
  • Get the Annual plan and save an additional 20% discount. 

Why Join?

  • Upgrade your skills with precision.
  • Boost your team’s UX knowledge (and get training for many times less than taking private trainings).
  • Fine-tune and improve your UX processes and practices.
  • Learn about what works and what does not with case studies and tested approaches. 
  • Learn from a Master UX trainer and seasoned UX Leader, Designer, and Researcher. 
  • Be part of a UX training and mentoring community

What others are saying

The UX Inner Circle launched in August 2020. Feedback from the first meet-up (MasterClass on the topic of Managing UX is in…) for the first 3-hour Zoom monthly meet-up was rated by 80% of participants as “a lot better than other Zoom trainings”. Note: Frank has deliberately structured sessions to avoid “Zoom fatigue”. This is critical for online training sessions, especially during our COVID experiences of “living online”. 

“Frank offers 20 years of UX knowledge and experience compressed, filtered, and made easy to understand and consume”. -Mauro Litsure, UX Designer

“Highly recommended!” -Chineme Ozumba, UX Researcher

“I really like the way it’s structured because it gives practical examples that we can work on right away. Give it a try, it’s valuable and fun as well!” -Valerie Lacroix, UX Consultant

“Great networking sessions with like-minded people ran by a professional in the UX field”. -Alexandr Panek, UX Manager

“The interactivity is the best part of the training…” – Brenton Price, Experience Lead

“Just do it! Your time and walk-away knowledge is well worth the investment. Loved the diverse collaboration. A good investment of time”. -Cynthia Jenkins, Learning Designer and IT Professional

Visit the or try this UX training and mentorship community for  FREE for 14 days

About Frank Spillers:

Frank Spillers is the founder of award-winning UX consultancy Experience Dynamics. He works with the world’s leading brands to deliver cutting-edge strategy for products, services, and experiences. His work focuses on competitive UX differentiation from an interface, to how organizations approach UX design and research. Starting out in the mid-’90s in VR usability, Spillers has consulted on 600 UX projects including enterprise web applications, mobile, products, and sites with conversion lifts up 83% and increases in revenue 200%. His work has transformed interfaces as well as organizational approaches to repeat UX success for Nike, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Logitech, and The World Bank.

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