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Frank Spillers discusses JTBD

VIDEO: JTBD- keep or drop?

Summary: Frank Spillers discusses Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) theory vs traditional User Experience (UX) techniques and approaches and contrasts the two. Understanding how each method contributes to

Man and woman coworkers collaborate with AI

What are Collaborative User Interfaces?

Summary: Collaborative interfaces are designs that consider the back-and-forth between users and the social constraints, tensions, and challenges of working collaboratively online. Mobile apps have

UX Designer draws on white board to a group of stakeholders

25 Mantras of UX stakeholder collaboration

25 Mantras of UX stakeholder collaboration Managing stakeholders is vital in UX and service design. Engaging effectively builds trust, buy-in, and cultural currency. But learning to

black woman in a wheelchair smiles

How to create Inclusive Personas

Summary: Inclusive personas extend traditional personas by showing intersections of behavior, identity, and lived experience. Why inclusive personas? User personas are used in UX design

Coworker Leading a Presentation


Service Designer Interaction Designer Service Designer Company Overview: Experience Dynamics is a leading user experience (UX) design consultancy dedicated to creating exceptional human-centered solutions for

UX Training with Frank Spillers in action

UX Transformation Organizational Consulting

UX Transformation organizational consulting service UX Transformation organizational consulting service from Experience Dynamics involves auditing maturity, UX training, mentoring, and modeling excellence. The “UX transformation”

Asian businesswoman throws hands up at meeting

What is Stakeholder Mapping?

Summary: In Service Design and Inclusive Design, stakeholder mapping is pivotal in achieving internal collaboration and buy-in. With a clear understanding of stakeholders and their

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