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AI UX patterns - Frank Spillers video

VIDEO: Remarkable AI UX patterns- part 2

Summary: Generative AI (Gen. AI), like ChatGPT, introduces novel interaction patterns in human-computer interaction (HCI). These patterns are characterized by improvisation, co-creation, and enabling productivity

Gamer with disability plays with Microsoft Surface Adaptive Kit

What is inclusion innovation?

 Summary: Inclusive Design innovation is the result of deliberately searching for opportunities to elevate design equity. Design equity includes discovering diverse user needs and addressing

You need 3 types of User Advocacy

Summary: User advocacy helps you fight for the rights of users. By advocating with these three lenses, you can better design for inclusive, accessible, and

woman touching a kiosk illustrates a touchpoint mapping

Conduct a Touchpoint Mapping​

Summary: Touchpoint mapping is an inventorying technique used in Service Design to identify customer, employee, and brand interactions throughout a service or product experience. By

Smiling mature couple giving hotel reception their cardkey

Service Design consulting

From Backstage to Front Stage What This Includes: Blueprint for Service Design strategy Service prototyping & testing Employee, Customer, Backend system orchestration Ideal For: Large


User Research Services

From The Street to Your Roadmap User Research Includes: UX Research for improving products & services User testing; User Interviews & observations; Ethnography and more

Impact Consulting

Add Your Heading Text Here Impact Consulting By centering the needs of underrepresented user groups and elevating Inclusive Design in organisations, Experience Dynamics helps bring

two indian men demonstrate what is sociability with namaste greetings

What is Sociability?

Summary: What is sociability? Sociability describes social interaction and social behavior offline to online (Web, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, AR/VR, and communities as well as

sticky notes from UX process reset workshop

UX Process Reset Training

UX Process Reset Training Course Description: To build UX maturity, you must have a consistent and repeatable process. This UX Process Reset Training gives you

Visual Design for UX Training- designer pauses at monitor

Visual Design for UX Training

Visual Design for UX Training Course Description: This Visual Design for UX Training is designed to enrich and expand your mastery of Visual Design. You

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